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Rejuveness Silicone Scar Kit - (with Scar cream, Sheet & Tape) (Self-Adhesive)
MMH ID: 77447; Brand: Rejuveness; Model No: Small Scar Treatment Kit

Rejuveness Silicone Scar Kit - (with Scar cream, Sheet & Tape) (Self-Adhesive)Mouse-over to zoom; click to expand

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Product Description & Benefits:

The ReJuveness Silicone Sheet Treatment Kit 1.6” x 3.2” (4cm x 8cm) (Self-Adhesive) makes it easy to purchase products needed to treat your scar(s) with the ReJuveness regiment. Kit contains ReJuveness silicone sheet, Hyper Heal scar cream (17 grams, .7 oz) and a (10.5m, 33') roll of ReJuveness tape. Patients report back excellent results when treating scars utilizing a combination of ReJuveness silicone sheeting and Hyper-Heal scar cream. ReJuveness has successfully treated scars over 40 years old when their condition involves discoloration (not white scarring), keloid, lumpiness, itching, soreness or indentation. The ReJuveness Hyper Heal scar cream is all natural, the silicone sheeting is man made both are non-invasive and provide permanent healing of your scars.

  • Clinically proven scar management for all scars regardless of type and location
  • Softens, smooths, improves texture, color and thickness of problem scars
  • Eliminates itching and pain that so often accompanies problem scarring
  • Cost effective, easy to use, soft, pliable and durable medical grade silicone

About ReJuveness:

ReJuveness silicone sheeting is a FDA Class-1 medical device clinically proven and guaranteed to provide results with our non-invasive scar treatment. Topically applied ReJuveness silicone sheeting has been shown to be effective for scar therapy in over 50 studies, regardless of the scar type, location, and age. An international panel of scientists and experts on scarring, reviewing all the studies and literature on available scar treatments, determined silicone sheeting to be a leading non-surgical evidence-based scar treatment for scar management and scar prevention. Works Better Than Adhesive Silicone Sheets That Require Tape After a Few Days of usage, Adhesive Clogs Pours in Silicone Sheeting Reducing Effectiveness and Is More Costly Over the Treatment Period.

Directions for Use:

Apply your ReJuveness after the wound is dry and not oozing any fluids. Scar cream is applied lightly twice a day. Apply silicone sheeting for minimum of 8 hours per day up to a maximum of 48 hours before washing and re-applying for next treatment period. The longer you wear a silicone sheet the faster your results will occur. Place silicone sheeting - either side up - directly on your scar. Sheet should overlap your scarred area by at least by 1/4" all around the. Use ReJuveness tape to hold silicone sheeting over the scar. Sheet does not have to be aggressively taped over the scar, just apply enough tape to position the sheet over the scar.


Pure professional medical USP Grade 6 silicone sheeting

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