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Core Products BabyHugger Maternity Support Belt
MMH ID: 95433; Brand: Core Products International; Model No: 6900

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Price:  $52.95

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Also available with an extra pair of underpants hereIf you're only interested in an extra pair of underpants, Click Here.

Product Description & Benefits

  • Provides a unique, central lift that takes the weight off the back, bladder, veins and ligaments. 
  • Helps you feel and look better during your pregnancy.
  • Protects the ligaments from overstretching which helps to prevent aging incontinence, stretch marks, varicose veins, edema, and other discomforts later in life. 
  • Features a cool, cotton underpant that collects the weight of the belly, while the strap lifts the belly weight softly to the shoulder. 
  • Features a crotch panel that opens and re-closes for bathroom use.   
  • Helps you protect your baby as moms report less frequent and less severe pre-term contractions when using the BabyHugger as a maternity belly belt. 
  • Recommended by doctors, nurses, physical therapists, midwives, childbirth educators, massage therapists -- and moms.
  • Underpants are 92% cotton, 8% Lycra.  
  • All elastics are latex-free. 

About Core Products

Core Products International, Inc. was founded in 1988 with the idea that therapeutic products should be comfortable to wear and use. It all started with Phil Mattison’s sore neck, which drove him to see a chiropractor. Upon learning his discomfort stemmed from an improper sleeping position, Phil worked with his chiropractor to develop a new kind of spinal-support pillow. 

Today, Phil is president of Core Products and the Tri-Core pillow is widely recommended by chiropractors. In fact, it’s become Core Products' most popular product. Core has also expanded beyond pillows to offer support and therapy products for people suffering from all kinds of aches and pains. Like their original Wave pillow, all Core products are designed in concert with professional healthcare partners. In addition to being medically effective, Core products are also comfortable to wear and use. Their promise is to “make your life more comfortable.” 

Fitting Instructions




Step 1: Put on the cotton underpants and attach the main elastic strap to the center waist
Step 2: Put the strap over your head and pull down firmly to establish tension in the elastic. The amount of tension that you impart should never cause any discomfort of any kind.
Step 3: Bring the two ends to the front, under your belly, overlap and fasten.
The amount of overlap can tighten or loosen overall tension. Let comfort be your guide.
Step 4: Make sure the X is in the middle and resting in your high low back. The X can be adjusted for long or short waists by taking apart the pre-crossed point and refastening it up or down. For very tall or wide women, our extra long strap will work best.
Step 5: Add the short wide strap under your belly, attaching it from hip to hip to the main strap for a wonderful added lift. This second belly strap can be worn on top of or beside the main strap, as you prefer.
Step 6: Side straps are not always worn but give a superbly complete lift. Side straps keep the main strap wide on the shoulders and invisible.

Additional Needs

If you are carrying multiples, have a “torpedo look”, or are larger set, add a Superlift. The Superlift 4" wide strap provides tremendous additional lift, and attaches to the BabyHugger.
If you experience joint pain very low in the pelvis, try the Symphy Support. This small extra strap presses on the joint that hurts to relieve pain and helps reduce that "falling out feeling."

Additional Tips

Always wear your BabyHugger if you will be on your feet or exercising. BabyHugger can be worn as soon as you have a belly to lift.
If you have varicose veins or hemorrhoids, it is ideal to put BabyHugger on before you get out of bed, before the blood vessels fill. If you wait until later in the morning, lie down on your back—hips and knees bent, feet flat on the bed—and elevate your pelvis with several pillows under your bottom for 5 minutes before you put it on.
If you have pelvic pain or that "falling out feeling", attach a Symphy Support to your Baby Hugger. A Symphy Support will offer pressure to varicose veins or hemorrhoids in your perineum.
The Baby Hugger was designed by a physical therapist with over 40 years of experience in women's health and in treating backache during pregnancy.

Care Instructions

Straps: Hand wash and hang to dry.  
Underpants: Wash gently in cool water without bleach. Tumble dry in cool dryer. 

Liability statement

We make no warranties of any kind, express or implied. If you have any unusual symptoms while wearing the BabyHugger, Lil'Lift, Superlift and SymphySupport, remove the support and check with your health care provider

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