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Product Return Policy

It is important to us that you are happy with every product that you purchase at Make Me Heal and we want to help you in the event that there is a problem. Because Make Me Heal works with different suppliers, each supplier has its own return policy and we must honor it. Please read the Return Policy below for your product:

Return or Exchange Policy:

Returns or exchanges are not accepted for hygiene reasons. Garments can be returned only if the garment is defective.

Damaged Goods Policy:

Damaged Goods are defined as any product that is purchased which is not defective but has been mishandled, improperly sized or misused in any way by the customer. Damaged Goods also include a garment that was not properly applied by the customer or a garment that was improperly sized (user’s body measurement does not correctly match to Sizing Chart) by the customer, or a garment that received faulty fabric care by the customer. Damaged goods will not be replaced or exchanged.

Product Life Cycle and Guarantees:

If properly handled and not damaged, garments are 100% guaranteed unless improperly sized, damaged by misuse, or improper garment care.

Shipping Error Policy:

If a shipping error or incorrect item was due to Make Me Heal, the Company will reimburse customer for garment price and shipping expense. If a customer made an ordering error, the customer will be responsible for original amount, replacement garment and shipping expense. A garment cannot be exchanged or refunded if worn or soiled.

Lost Goods Policy:

Make Me Heal's responsibility for goods shipped via common carrier (US mail, UPS, Fedex, DHL, etc.) ceases when Make Me Heal delivers the goods to the carrier. Make Me Heal cannot be responsible for merchandise lost or damaged in transit. The risk of loss and responsibility for such items are assumed by the customer upon delivery of the goods to the carrier. Make Me Heal will assist customer in supplying any information necessary for the completion of customer's claim of loss. However, customer must file a claim with the carrier in the event of loss or damage.