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Measuring Instructions & Tips

Please read the instructions below for determining the correct size.

Calf/Knee High Style (Open/Closed Toe)

Note: The measurements that follow should always be taken in this exact sequence of steps below.

  1. Measure the ankle circumference at the narrowest part of the ankle that is above the anklebone.
    Note: This must always be your first measurement that you take.
  2. Measure the calf circumference at the fullest part of the calf.
  3. Determine the calf lengthby measuring from the floor to the bend of the knee. This measurement is taken on the outside of the calf. It may be easier for you to sit on a chair while doing this measurement.
Sock Size   Ankle Circumference Calf Cirumference Knee Length
Small  7 to 8 1/4'' 11 to 14'' Up to 15''
Medium  8 3/8 to 9 5/8'' 13 1/2 to 16'' Up to 16''
Large  9 3/4 to 11'' 15 1/2 to 18 Up to 17''
X-Large  11 1/8 to 12 3/8'' 17 1/2 to 20 Up to 18''

Quick Reference Size Chart

Sock Size   Shoe Size
Small  7 and under
Medium  7 1/2 to 10
Large  10 1/2 to 12
X-Large  12 and over