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  • Biodermis/Epi-Derm (5)
  • Oleeva (11)
  • Scar Fx/Scar Heal (6)


  • 1 Sheet (8)
  • 10 Sheets (8)
  • 1.4 x 12 in / 3.5 x 30 cm (1)
  • 2 Item Kit (1)
  • 2"X2.5" Patch (1 Pair) (1)
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  • 5-Pack (2)


  • With Scar Esthetique Reduction Cream (2)
  • Without Scar Esthetique Reduction Cream (2)
1 Sheet (8) 10 Sheets (8) 1.4 x 12 in / 3.5 x 30 cm (1) 2 Item Kit (1)
2"X2.5" Patch (1 Pair) (1) 2"X2.5" Patch (5 Pairs) (1) 5-Pack (2)
With Scar Esthetique Reduction Cream (2) Without Scar Esthetique Reduction Cream (2)
Biodermis/Epi-Derm (5)
Oleeva (11)
Scar Fx/Scar Heal (6)

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Scar Reduction Sheets

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Showing results 1 - 22 of 22   |  

How can Scar Reduction Sheets Benefit My Healing Journey?

Scars are caused by a trauma or injury to your skin. Whether it is a burn, cut, surgery, acne, or any other damage to the skin, these traumas will spur the body to produce tough, fibrous tissues that replace normal, healthy skin as it heals. Scars can not only cause great discomfort through itching, burning, and pain as it heals, but you may also consider them unsightly, preventing you from looking and feeling your best. Scar reduction sheets are one of the best solutions for scar healing and reduction, and we offer a wide range of scar reduction sheets to help fit your scar reduction needs.

At MakeMeHeal, we offer the most trusted brand names of scar reduction sheets. Available over the counter without a prescription, our scar reduction sheets are made of medical grade silicone and have been proven to help reduce the appearance of all types of scars, and on all skin types and colors.  Whether your scar is new or old, a keloid, hypertrophic, or a regular scar, scar reduction sheets can help reduce its size, thickness, and height, and help blend in the scar with the surrounding healthy skin.

Scar reduction sheets also work great in combination with a scar reducing topical cream or gel. The scar reduction sheet should be placed over the applied ointment, and the gentle pressure of the silicone sheet can also help the ointment to penetrate better. For your ease of shopping, MakeMeHeal also offers a great range of trusted scar reduction products.

Scar Reduction Sheets FAQ

  1. What are Scar Reduction Sheets?

Scar reduction sheets are self-adhesive, silicone sheets that are worn directly on the skin, over the affected area. They help to heal scars, reduce their appearance, and relieve some of the discomfort associated with scarring.

  1. How do Scar Reduction Sheets work?

Scar reduction sheets are made of medical grade silicone, and when worn on the scar for the suggested amount of time, can help mimic the barrier function of healthy skin. The silicone itself can help hydrate and soften the scar tissue. It also helps prevent the growth of the scar,

  1. Who can use a Scar Reduction Sheet?

Scar reduction sheets are appropriate for people of all ages and skin types to use, with any kind of scar, as long as the wound has fully healed. If there are any stitches or scabbing, the stitches must be removed and the scab naturally fallen off before using these scar reduction sheets.

  1. What kind of scars can Scar Reduction Sheets help heal?

Scar reduction sheets have been shown to be effective on all types of scars, even difficult to treat scars such as keloid scars. The silicone sheets can also help prevent the wild growth associated with keloids. These sheets are also effective on more regular scars, such as post-surgery scars or a deep cut.

  1. Can I use Scar Reduction Sheets on any part of my body?

Yes, scar reduction sheets are ideal for use on any part of the body. We offer a wide range of sizes to help fit each person’s needs.

  1. What benefits do Scar Reduction Sheets offer over topical creams, ointments, or gels?

Scar reduction sheets provide a similar barrier function to normal, healthy skin, and thus are ideal for use in exposed areas, such as the face and hands. They are also much less likely to rub off, which may make them a better choice for night time, as they will not rub off onto your sheets or pillowcases. Athletes or people with active lifestyles may prefer scar reduction sheets as they protect their scars from sweat, dirt, and water.

  1. How long should I continue to use Scar Reduction Sheets, and what happens when I stop using them?

Every case is different, and the treatment length will depend upon your particular scars. New scars respond more rapidly to treatment, and noticeable improvements may be seen in as little as 8 weeks. Older scars may benefit from a treatment course of up to 6 months. The scar’s appearance does not return after cessation of use; once you have reached your scar reduction goal, you may stop using the scar reduction sheets.