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Pre/Post Bariatric Surgery Vitamins & Supplements

How Can Bariatric/Weight Loss Surgery Vitamins & Supplements Benefit My Healing Journey?

Following weight loss surgery, patients experience nutritional deficiencies in calcium, iron, B-12, and other nutrients due to difficulty of absorbing them because the patient’s smaller gastric pouch produces reduced amounts of the stomach acid and digestive enzymes needed for proper absorption of these nutrients. Most available forms of calcium, iron, B-12, and other nutrients require stomach acid for absorption. For this reason, gastric bypass surgery patients often need to find nutritional vitamins supplements in forms that can be absorbed by their gastrointestinal system.

The doctor-recommended Vitamins & Supplements offered in the Bariatric Surgery/Weight Loss Surgery Store have been developed specifically for the needs of both pre-operative and post-operative Bariatric/weight loss surgery patients. Supplements such as the Multi-Formula, Calcium Citrate, Sublingual B-12, and Chewable Iron are taken before and following surgery (as well as on a long-term daily basis for general wellness) to promote better health prior and following surgery, shorten recovery time, improve the absorption of key support cardiovascular and bone health, protect against kidney stones, promote healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels, help maintain lean body mass, and address ketosis breath and general unpleasant breath odor that can occur.

How Can Vitamins & Supplements Benefit Me In My Daily Life?

As nutritional deficiencies in calcium, iron, B-12, and other nutrients are often a problem for gastric bypass, bariatric, weight loss, and obesity surgery patients for the rest of their lives, taking specialized nutritional vitamins and supplements (designed for bariatric patients) can bring lifelong health benefits to you and help in your long-term wellness plan. For this reason, patients often buy an adequate stock for their daily needs.