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Silk'n Laser Hair Removal

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Silk'n Sensepil Features & Benefits

Silk'n is an  innovative light-based device for hair removal in the privacy of your home. Safe, easy to use, and cost effective, Silk'n achieves excellent results while offering personal convenience.

  • Removes Hair on Face & Body: Silk'n Sensepil is clinically proven to remove hair in the face from the cheekbones level down to the chin, around the lips, cheeks, chin, neck, underarms, arms, legs, bikini line, back, and chest after only 4-6 hair removal sessions with Silk’n SensEpil. 

  • Appropriate for Women & Men:  Silk'n Sensepil has been used successfully by millions of women and men.

  • FDA-Cleared & Doctor Recommended: Silk'n Sensepil is FDA cleared and has been tested by leading plastic surgeons and dermatologists who have all concluded that Silk'n can be used effectively, safely, and easy in a home environment.

  • Clinically Proven To Remove Hair: People who participated in clinical trials report excellent, professional-level results after only 4-6 hair removing sessions with Silk’n SensEpil. In clinical studies lasting over one year,  Silk’n SensEpil achieved an average hair reduction of 50% following three months of bi-monthly treatment sessions. Top plastic surgeons and dermatologists found Silk’n SensEpil able to achieve strong results.

  • Safe With Minimal Discomfort: When used correctly according to instructions, Silk’n SensEpil treatments are safe with minimal discomfort compared to professional laser treatments or waxing. To maximize safety, Silk'n SensEpil has a built-in smart Skin Sensor which detects if your skin complexion is safe for treatment. Only if your skin type is in the allowable range, will treatment begin with a flash of light.  If the skin type is not appropriate, the device will not turn on. 

  • Saves You Money & Cost-Effective: Using Silk’n SensEpil will save you thousands of dollars compared to extended use of professional laser treatments in spas, waxing, or shaving. See our Silk'n Sensepil Cost Savings Analysis.

  • Fast Treatment & Saves Times: Silk'n SensEpil provides a fast, yet effective, hair removal treatment at home. Female legs or an entire male chest can be treated within 15-20 minutes. Using Silk'n saves you time, as the device treatments are faster than going in to a spa or professional.

  • Easy to Use: Silk’n SensEpil is easy to set up and operate by yourself, and treating yourself is simple, quick, and clean with minimal setup needed.  Recent upgrades of the SensEpil device have made it so you do not need to even apply pressure when applying on the skin.

  • Minimal Discomfort: Silk'n Sensepil treatments are safe with minimal discomfort compared to waxing or professional laser treatments.  Most users describe the feeling of using Silk'n Sensepil similar to an elastic band lightly touching the skin.

  • Convenience & Privacy At Home: Silk’n SensEpil can be used anywhere, whenever you want, and in the complete privacy of your home.

The price of Silk'n beats the alternatives

The price of Silk'n is at a fraction of the cost of a lifetime of short-term hair removal products or hair reduction treatments by an aesthetician or a doctor.

The average cost of alternative hair removal means over a period of 10 years is estimated at:



Silk'n $800-900
Waxing Services $5,250
Waxing at Home $3,440
Mechanical Devices $4,530
Shaving $7,050
Professional Laser Hair Removal $10000-25000

*cost including time spent at $20 per hour*


Professional Laser Hair Removal Prices for a Single Session

Body Area Price Pr Sssion
Upper Lip or Chin $100 - 300
Underarms $150 - 250
Regular Bikini $150 - 450
Brazilian Bikini $250 - 500
Legs (Both, Below Knees) $250 - 650
Arms (Both, Below Elbows) $250 - 650
Back $300 - 800


* Prices may vary based on geographical region or expertise of technician.