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Silk'n Sensepil Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You may want to view the Silkn Sensepil Full Instructional Video On Use.

1. Does Silk'n SensEpil work?

Yes. In clinical trials held by physicians, Silk’n SensEpil was proven to safely achieve excellent hair removal results. Silk'n SensEpil has the FDA clearance for the removal of unwanted hair. In addition, SensEpil is not required by FDA clearance to be used with other products. 

2. How do I bypass the energy levels beyond "Level One"?
For your safety, when SensEpil is being used for the first time, the system is automatically set to deliver the first 50 pulses at the lowest energy level, and the next 200 pulses at up to level 3. To cancel these settings press and hold the "+" and "-" buttons simultaneously until you hear 2 consecutive "beep" sounds.
We suggest you start your first SensEpil hair removal session at the lowest energy settings. If you experience no discomfort after the hair removal session, raise the energy level by one indicator light at the next session, and so on for each subsequent session. 

3. I have fair skin, why is the skin sensor warning light go off?
Sometimes the skin sensor can be affected by the room in which you are treating. If you are treating in a dark room or in a room with bright light (such as lamps and vanities), this can create a shadow on your skin which will cause the skin sensor warning light to go off. To prevent this from happening - treat in moderate lighting. If you continue to have a problem, make sure the sensor (located beside the yellow applicator light) is flush against the skin. If neither of these solutions resolves the issue please call our customer service department at 1-866-363-4325 (International callers dial: 1-818-883-3300). 

4. Why does the website say I can use SensEpil on my face below the cheek bone however my brochure it says it is not recommended for use on the face?
After two years of studying market data we have determined that Silk'n SensEpil can be used safely on facial areas below the cheek bone. We are currently in the process of reprinting brochures to reflect this change. We apologize if you received a brochure that has not yet been updated, however we hope to inform you of our latest realtime information online. 

5. What is the Skin Color Sensor and other safety features?
SensEpil comes with a built-in Skin Color Sensor that is designed to measure the skin tone of the applied surface and enable application only on suitable skin tones. This unique safety feature will not enable treatment if your skin is too dark or too tanned taking the guesswork out of treatment.

Silk’n SensEpil has been designed with your safety in mind, and tested and approved by top dermatologists and plastic surgeons to meet their safety standards for a home-use device. But like any skin product or electronic device, one must use according to the operating instructions and user precautions.

The applicator tip of Silk’n SensEpil has been designed so that a light pulse can only be emitted when the applicator is in contact with the skin. This eliminates the possibility of an accidental flash of light directly towards the user’s eyes. 

6. How can I maximize my treatment results?
1. Start with clean, shaven skin - NO WAXING.
2. Progress quickly to higher energy levels - once you have tested all treatment areas on the low energy setting we recommend you move up to higher levels. As a safety feature the system is designed to provide the first 50 pulses at level one, to unlock the energy levels - press "-" & "+" until you hear short consecutive beeps.
3. Schedule your treatments in two week intervals. Typically you will see results after the 3rd or 4th treatment - after this you can start treating monthly. 

7. How long does a treatment session take?
The time can vary depending on the area of the body treated. A two full legs can take up to 30 minutes, or two underarms could take less than 10 minutes. Since the device runs on regular electric power it can be used for as long as needed to complete a full treatment of the desired area(s) for hair removal.

8. How often should I use the device?
Treatment sessions with Silk’n SensEpil should be spaced every two weeks for the first three to four sessions. After that treatments should be done if hairs have grown back, until the desired results are achieved. The total number of sessions varies from person to person, but, in general, most individuals notice a reduction after four treatments, with very good results after six treatments. Most females require eight full sessions. Males tend to have more stubborn and deeper hair and may require ten-twelve treatments. For more information please click here. 

9. Is it effective on white, grey or blonde hairs?
Treatments work best on darker hair types, or hair that contains more melanin. Melanin is the pigment that gives hair and skin its color, and will absorb light energy. Black and dark brown respond the best, although brown and light brown hairs will also respond but typically require more treatments.

The Silk’n SensEpil device is not effective on naturally white, grey, blond and red body hair. If your body is of these colors, Silk’n SensEpil will not work on you.

10. Can I use Silk’n SensEpil on brown or black skin?

Do not use SensEpil on naturally dark skin complexion. SensEpil removes unwanted hair by selectively addressing hair pigment. Varied quantities of pigment also exist in the surrounding tissue of skin. The quantity of pigment in a particular person’s skin, which is manifested by their skin complexion, determines the degree of risk they are exposed to using SensEpil. Treating dark skin can result in adverse effects such as burns, blisters, and skin color changes (hyper- or hypo-pigmentation). Many other laser and light devices, professionally and at home, also have the same restrictions on naturally dark skin complexion.

SensEpil comes with a built-in Skin Color Sensor that is designed to measure the skin tone of the applied surface and enable application only on suitable skin tones. This unique safety feature will not enable treatment if your skin is too dark or too tanned. 

11. When will I see results from Silk’n SensEpil?
As with any light-based or laser hair removal device, results are not immediate, and in fact you may not think anything happened all. Most users see noticeable reduction after 4 treatments. Each time you treat, you should increase the energy level. It is important to be patient and consistent during your hair removal process as hair may sometimes appear to be growing back after a treatment, but typically after two weeks many of these hairs will simply fall out.
It is important to understand the hair growth cycle. Hair grows in three different stages and only hairs in an active growth stage will be affected by a Silk’n SensEpil treatment. This is one of the main reasons that multiple treatments are required to achieve the desired result. 

12. Are there side effects from using Silk’n SensEpil?
When used properly most users of Silk’n SensEpil report feeling a slight sensation of heat when the pulse of light is emitted. Side effects and complications, while possible, are not common if SensEpil is used according to the instructions and precautions included with the device. Please read these instructions before beginning treatment. In clinical studies a small fraction of users reported some sensation of heat, redness around the hair shaft, and slight swelling. These conditions usually subsided within an hour after treatment. For more information on side-effects and how to avoid them please read the SensEpil instruction manual. 

13. Can a man use Silk’n SensEpil?
Yes, SensEpil may be used by men, although hairs on men, especially those on the chest, will require more treatments than those of women to get the desired results. 

14. Why is my hair growing, even though I treated it a week ago?
It is quite common for hair to appear as if it is still growing up to two weeks after a treatment with SensEpil. This process is known as “ejection” and at around two-weeks you’ll see that these hairs simply fall out or slide out with a slight tug. (We don’t however recommend pulling on the hairs – just let them come out naturally.) It is also possible that some hairs, due to missed treatment or different stages of growth, were not affected by the SensEpil treatment. These hairs will be treated in follow-up sessions, hence the need for multiple treatments in order to get the best results. 

15. I’ve heard that some hairs grow back lighter and finer after light treatment?
This phenomenon is well documented amongst aestheticians and doctors using light and laser devices for hair removal. It is possible that some hairs will grow back lighter and finer after treatment. Usually these hairs are a fraction of what was originally there, and continued treatment may have a desirable effect on them.

16. Why can’t I treat myself if I have an “active” suntan?
Do not use Silk’n™ on tanned skin or after sun exposure! Tanned skin particularly following sun exposure, contains large quantities of the pigment Melanin. This applies to all skin types and complexions, including those which don’t seem to tan quickly. The presence of large quantities of Melanin exposes the skin to higher risk of adverse effects when using SensEpil, or any other energy based treatment, including burns, blisters, and skin color changes (hyper- or hypo-pigmentation). 

17. Are there any warnings or contraindications for SensEpil?
Silk’n SensEpil has been purposely designed with your safety in mind, but certain conditions may limit your ability to treat yourself with the device. To fully understand these limitations we recommend that you read the Silk’n SensEpil warnings and contraindications in the Safety Guide or click here to read the list of contra indications. 

18. Is long-term use of Silk’n SensEpil dangerous for my skin?
The use of light and laser energy in aesthetic medicine has been well documented for over 15 years in professional peer-reviewed journals, and by well respected institutions like the Mayo Clinic. These journals and institutions have not reported any side-effects or damage from long-term use of light and laser device. 

19. How often do I need to replace the lamp cartridge?
The lamp cartridge life is limited to approximately 750 pulse, which are enough to treat an entire body once, or achieve multiple treatments on the legs only, underarms only, and so on. The warning lights on the SensEpil control panel will let you know when you are close to, or have reached, the 750 pulse limit. 

20. Can I use Silk’n SensEpil to remove my chin hair or elsewhere on my face?
Silk’n SensEpil can be used for the treatment of facial hair from the cheek line downwards. Extra caution should be used when treating areas on the face to avoid the eyes. And as with other parts of the body, care should be taken to avoid sun exposure before and after treatments with Silk’n SensEpil. Acceptable means of sun protection are covering garments or sunscreen (SPF higher than 50) used continuously for 3 weeks before and after treatment. 

21. How long should I wait to treat with Silk’n SensEpil after unprotected exposure to the sun?
As noted in the manual one should wait 4 weeks before treating with Silk’n SensEpil after unprotected exposure to the sun. However, if there is ever any uncertainty about sun exposure please contact our customer care department. 

22. Should I do anything before treating with Silk’n SensEpil?
Before any Silk’n SensEpil treatment it is important to avoid sun exposure on the treated area for at least four weeks. A high level UV Sun Screen (SPF 50+) will help, as will clothing covering the treated area. The area to be treated should also be cleaned with mild soap and water, and the hairs shaved down to skin level. 

23. Do I need special eye protection when using Silk’n SensEpil?
Silk’n SensEpil has been designed with eye safety in mind, and special eye protection is not required. The unique safety mechanism of the SensEpil applicator assures safe and proper treatment on the target hairs only when the applicator tip is placed firmly on the treatment area. Some flashing light will be seen around the side of the treatment area, but is not harmful and similar to what one sees from a camera flash.

24. How should I treat around the lips?
For your safety, it is important to avoid pulsing the SensEpil lamp on your lips as your lip color is darker than the surrounding skin. Your lips may attract more light and this can cause unwanted side effects. To treat around the lip area we suggest using white surgical tape on your lips to protect your lips. 

25. Should I pull the hairs out after treatment?
No, let the hairs gradually fall out on their own. This may take up to 2 weeks.