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Amatokin Stem Cell Skin Rejuvenation

First Cream To Use Stem Cells To Reduce Wrinkles

Is Amatokin the first product to harness the potential of your own stem cells to reduce serious wrinkles? This 'super-secret' wrinkle cream, called Amatokin, is not actually a cream at all, but a highly efficient 'barrier-neutral' emulsion containing a unique polypeptide compound (known in official circles as polypeptide #153). This meta-peptide was developed in a high-security lab 62 miles north of St. Petersburg, Russia. The original objective of the project was to find a better way to help burn victims heal, but the real promise is in harnessing the power of stem cells to renew old skin and make it young. Amatokin is the most controversial anti-aging skin cream in more than three decades. While the public debate rages about the use of stem cells from fertilized human eggs, most people don't realize that human skin is the largest repository of stem cells in the body. Industry sources say Amatokin could be the most sought-after formula to ever hit the anti-wrinkle, anti-aging market. Bottom line: The ability of Amatokin and stem-cell science to deliver wrinkle-free skin remains mostly rumor but a very persistent one.