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Amore Pacific

Amore Pacific, Skin Care



A New Standard in Luxury Skincare

•  The driving force behind AMOREPACIFIC's commitment to beauty and health began with Sung-Hwan Suh, the company's founder and his vision. He believed that indigenous Asian botanicals such as Green Tea, Korean Red Ginseng and Bamboo hold the key to longevity, good health and youthful skin.

•  Sung-Hwan Suh set out to unearth the healing powers of these botanicals, devoting his life to the research and development of health and beauty products based on ancient Asian wisdom, simultaneously establishing AMOREPACIFIC as a global leader with over six decades of experience merging healing botanicals with modern science.

•  Today AMOREPACIFIC utilizes Nano-delivery Technology to assure maximum penetration of highly effective botanical ingredients in a pure potent state.

Asian Botanicals � True to the founder's vision, AMOREPACIFIC places the utmost care in cultivating botanical ingredients, harvesting each plant at peak times to assure the highest possible nutrient levels

Nestled at the foot of Jeju Island 's Halla Mountain where pristine fields and mineral-rich volcanic soil form a perfect microclimate, AMOREPACIFIC Green Tea is nurtured in an environment unmatched anywhere in the world.

AMOREPACIFIC: An Authority on Green Tea

•  The first beauty and health company to cultivate our own Green Tea Gardens , resolute in the knowledge that Green Tea is the source of both beauty and health.

•  The first to utilize Green Tea Extract in a skin care formulation cultivated from its own Green Tea Gardens.

•  In 2004, the first to obtain and stabilize the pure potent polyphenol, EGCG, and utilize in skin care.

•  In 2007, the first to utilize the Green Tea Flower Essential Oil and all vital parts of the Green Tea Plant.

AMOREPACIFIC, the only cosmetics company to cultivate and hand pick its own Green Tea, has unlocked the secret to skin longevity and wellness. Today AMOREPACIFIC utilizes every vital component of the green tea plant. Each ingredient is harvested at the optimum time of year when nutrient levels are highest.


Green Tea Seed Oil � Prevents moisture loss and promotes soft, smooth, supple skin

Kaempferol � Prevents skin cell degradation



Green Tea Water � Soothes and hydrates

Green Tea Polyphenol, EGCG � Unprecedented anti-aging benefits, counteracts damage caused by environmental aggressors

Green Tea Leaf Extract � Rich in anti-oxidants and nutrients to neutralize environmental aggressors and their effects

Green Tea Amino Acid, Theanine � Provides continuous deep hydration



Green Tea Caffeine � Boosts skin radiance and vitality



Green Tea Flower Essential Oil � Intensifies anti-aging benefits of entire tea plant

Green Tea Flower Extract � Illuminates the skin


The following AMOREPACIFIC skin care products are available at our Beauty, Antiaging & Skin Care Product Store (Women & Men):