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ANSR Skin Rejuvenation


About ANSR

Designed for those wanting to combat and prevent visibility signs of aging and acne, ANSR Skin Rejuvenation Kit has harnessed phototherapeutic technology into a safe portable device for home called the ANSR: Beam. The ANSR: Beam is two systems in one, as it integrates Blue and Red light phototherapy in one device.

  • The ANSR red light treatment stimulates the production of collagens deep within the skin to heal, rejuvenate and improve skin tone for a radiant, smooth complexion. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, firmness is enhanced and a more youthful appearance is restored.

  • The ANSR blue light is a whole new way to treat ugly blemishes by killing the acne-causing bacteria that clogs pores. To help reduce breakouts, use the blue light along acne prone areas for up to 5 minutes twice a day.

You can even switch between treatments with a single push of the button. You will see visible results in as little as 3 to 4 weeks of consistent use. ANSR Beam is easy to use, compact and rechargeable, featuring a soothing vibration and automatic timer for perfect results. Use it while watching TV, reading or on the road. Includes a 1 year warranty.