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Champagne Cellulite Reduction

Champagne Cellulite/Stretch Marks Reduction & Tummy Firming Mousse
(Made by the makers of OHT Peptide 3)

From the makers of the groundbreaking OHT Peptide 3 comes Champagne Cellulite Reduction & Tummy Firming Mousse, a unique, light and bubbly texture that crackles and fizzes on application and which helps vanish stretch marks and cellulite, support and promote tummy and thigh firming, and improve skin elasticity and firmness.

Champagne Cellulite Reduction
Containing the same active ingredients as OHT Peptide 3, this patented delivery system instantly cools the skin on contact and penetrates ingredients deep into the lower dermal layers. Because Champagne delivers the Tri-Peptide technology at such a rapid rate, the skin and cell rejuvenation process begins immediately. The instant cooling sensation, followed by a slight feeling of warmth, signals that the patented technology is working to help firm, tone, and lift target areas of the body.

Champagne Stretch Marks, Celllulite

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