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Clarisonic Skin Care Brush,Face

Clarisonic Skin Care Brush Testimonials

Amber F. in Bellevue, WA said, �I consider the daily use of my Clarisonic my secret weapon to good skin care health and fighting the effects of aging.�

From C.M. �Thank you, thank you for bringing life back to my middle-aged complexion!�

�I love this thing! I've already gotten several comments in the last 2 weeks since the purchase about how great my skin looks.� � Ms. Ryan E., Greenacres, WA .

�Simply put, there is no substitute for Clarisonic . Nothing comes even remotely close.� - �My Clarisonic and Sonicare are the two products that I absolutely cannot do without. I'm taking them with me to the afterlife!� � Ginger K.

�Want proof that it cleans? I wash off my makeup first with (�name of brand�) soap, and the washcloth is dirty. Then I use Clarisonic and the head is gray�clearly the soap and scrub are not getting all the dirt, but Clarisonic is.� �Stephanie M., Seattle, WA

Steven F. told us, �I have adult acne, large pores and fine lines. I have been using my Clarisonic for three weeks and my skin looks great. What is amazing is that something so gentle to your skin can actually make dramatic improvements.�

�It deep cleans my pores, reduces the appearance of fine lines and makes my skin baby-soft. It has my gray-looking skin appearing healthier and smooth. Shaving is no longer drudgery; I can get a close shave.� � Steven F.

Tania B. in Redmond, WA , �I was curious to try the Clarisonic as I had read such excellent reviews about it. I was �in love' straightaway! I have also noticed that I don't need as much foundation coverage as I did before. My skin feels noticeably softer, smoother and appears more toned.�

Wei L. in New York, �I just bought the Clarisonic skin cleaning brush and have been using it for about 2 weeks. I'm thrilled with the device and already recommended it to all my friends. I'm also a freelance make-up artist and will be recommending this to my clients as well.�

�My moisturizer's performance works better, I get a closer shave, and people can't believe I'm 41, got to love that� - �In the 20+ years I've been in the cosmetic industry, there is nothing that I have ever come across that I have been so astounded by than my Clarisonic brush.� - �My Clarisonic , what can I say? To be without it would be like being without a toothbrush! It is definitely a must have for anyone with skin, so, that means, everyone must have one! I mean, who wouldn't want clearer, firmer, younger, healthier, radiant looking skin? It's really a no-brainer.� � Martin K.

�I am now 48 and I can honestly say that my skin looks better than it did when I was in my early twenties. And it's all because of Clarisonic !� - �Now I can see how much better my anti-aging skin care is working. I get compliments every day on my skin, and I seldom wear foundation now. I will never go without Clarisonic . It's a vital part of my every day skin care routine.� � Anita R., Tigard, OR

�I notice that my moisturizing products work better, using less.�I really rave to everyone about how the Clarisonic works to keep my throat and neck looking smoother and 'taut-er'. I use mineral makeup and find the Clarisonic really gets the residue out of my skin so much better than some abrasive cleansers I've tried. All in all, a great product that does what it says it will do and then some. I wish I had had this 30 years ago!� - �I love my Clarisonic . I'm 60 years old with 60 year old skin issues, including crow's feet, dryness, thinning, discolorations, large pores, etc. Bad as this all sounds (and is!); I'm convinced using the Clarisonic has kept these 'issues' from becoming problems.� � Carol V.

�I can't say enough good things about Clarisonic . No matter what product I use, my skin is softer, and products like lotions and serums really seem to be more readily absorbed. I have had fewer hormonal break-outs since I've started using it as well. I love it!� � Kristie W., Seattle WA

�I love my Clarisonic ! After using it for several weeks, I found my skin to be cleaner, softer and smoother. My complexion is more even and clear looking.� � Valerie K.

�I can't remember life without my Clarisonic . In fact, my Clarisonic has logged thousands of miles with me around the world to Patagonia, the Falkland Islands, Easter Island, the Caribbean, Africa, Europe and also around the good old USA. I consider it an essential when packing for trips. Why do I love the Clarisonic so? Let me count the ways: It makes my skin tingle, every pore wakes up twice a day. My skin feels softer, smoother and younger. My cleansing feels complete when using the Clarisonic . You can take away my makeup, but don't touch my Clarisonic !� � Rosemarie H.

�My skin is smoother and stronger than it was when I was 21, honestly. It's a miracle.� Kristin v.K., Bainbridge Island, WA

Joanne G. in Tucson told us, �My face is so supple with a texture that is divine when I use the Clarisonic to clean or moisturize with my rose creams and oils.�

�In April of 2007 I started using my Clarisonic on my face. What a difference it has made in my skins texture and tone. After living in AZ for nearly 30 years and spending much of that time outdoors my skin was very damaged. I have tried many different skin products to try to help my dry and sun damaged face. The changes in my skin since I started using the Clarisonic are wonderful. I no longer have the dry flakey skin that was so bothersome when putting on sun block or makeup. My pores appear smaller and never clogged. And best of all my skin feels soft and hydrated.� - �Using my Clarisonic is so simple. I just use it in the shower in the morning then put on my moisturizer and sun block and I'm ready to go. I like routines that are quick and easy and now I have one for my skin. At 47yrs old I can say with confidence my skin looks better now than it has in years!� � Catherine L

Char told us this story, �I have been using my Clarisonic with the new gentle brush head for sensitive skin consistently for the last six months. I use it in the morning and at night and find that my skin feels fresher and has a healthier glow than it ever has. I recently went out of town and forgot to pack my Clarisonic . I was amazed how different my skin felt in just two days without using my Clarisonic . I won't make that mistake again!�

The following Clarisonic Skin Care Brush products for the face are available at our Beauty, Antiaging & Skin Care Product Store (Women & Men):