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Dermalastyl-B Cream: Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How does DermaLastyl- � work?
A: DermaLastyl- � (Elastatropin?) is a quick-absorbing topical formulation originally designed to help in the healing of wounds and in tissue regeneration. It includes an absolutely unique formulation of the human Matrix Protein tropoelastin plus Matrixyl 30000 to enhance elastin and collagen production.

Q:  How do I apply DermaLastyl- �?
A: DermaLastyl- � is applied twice a day. Don't use large amounts of DermaLastyl- � , because it is very concentrated. Massage a small amount onto your face and neck with a circular motion.

Q:   How much DermaLastyl- � do I need to use?
A: Apply a small amount � a little goes a long way - that will cover the tips of two fingers and apply to your face. The amount may vary depending on the area of your face and neck you wish to treat.

Q:   When will I see results?
A: DermaLastyl- � contains ingredients that prevent the onset of new wrinkles, and ingredients that reduce the appearance of existing wrinkles. As little as one month results in a reduction in the appearance of existing wrinkles. The prevention of new wrinkles requires the continued use of DermaLastyl- � over several months.

Q:   Can I use DermaLastyl- � with cosmetics and other skin care products?
A: DermaLastyl- � can be used with any other skin care product. If you are using a prescription skin-care formula you should consult your physician before using DermaLastyl- � . Before applying any combination of skin care products to your face, you may want to try an application to the inside of your forearm. DermaLastyl- � is applied first, before cosmetics, moisturizer or sun blocker.

Q:   Will everyone see results?
A: Not everyone will respond the same way to DermaLastyl- � . Some people will respond more rapidly and noticeably to the ingredients in this unique formulation. DermaLastyl- � is absolutely guaranteed to provide satisfaction. If you feel this product is not working well for you, return the unused portion and you will receive 100% of your money back.

Q:   Does DermaLastyl- � work on all types of skin?
A: Yes � DermaLastyl- � is effective on all skin types and age.

Q:   Can I use DermaLastyl- � on the wrinkles beneath my eyes?
A: For the areas around your eyes, DermaPlus has formulated a new product; DermaLastyl-E Intensive Eye Serum, specifically for the sensitive areas and fine skin around the eyes.

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