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Dermalastyl B

Hylexin, Eye Cream

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Dermalastyl -B uses Elastatropin as an Anti-Aging weapon and as a Wrinkle Prevention Protein

Until now, human elastin did not exist as a component of an anti-aging skincare product or as part of an anti-wrinkle cream. Rarely does human tissue serve as a source for facial skincare, though in some cases, occasionally placenta and foreskin have been used. Following our extensive research on tissue regeneration and scar treatment, we discovered a method of synthesizing human tropoelastin - Elastatropin� - the natural precursor to elastin.

Tropoelastin's natural composition allows it to move freely within the structure of the skin. Taking advantage of tropoelastin's inherent ability to permeate the outer layer of skin, we have discovered a way to introduce a source of elastin from outside the body.

Using a complex chain of 600 amino acids in a patented molecular delivery system, our synthesized form of elastin Elastatropin� restores elastic properties to the skin. A wrinkle insurance against declining skin quality, the amino acids are part of the ingredients. The amino acids enable the chain, and the Elastatropin�, to penetrate the deepest parts of the topmost layer of skin. It enters into the outer skin layers, moving into the first active layer, the epidermis, converting into elastin then integrating itself into the skin matrix cross-linking with existing elastin and other proteins.

An initial phase scientific study of DermaLastyl-� face cream was conducted by Dr. Steven Lamm to assess tolerance, sensitivity and skin compatibility. A total of 28 volunteers, 25 women and 3 men, applied DermaLastyl-� face cream twice per day for 42 days. The majority of those participating in the study stated that the use of DermaLastyl-� cream resulted in significant improvement in their skin's texture and elasticity, a hydrating/moisturizing effect that lasted throughout the day, a glow to the skin upon application, and that the non-greasy composition allowed makeup directly over the cream. (See Picture Below)

Some participants in the study received unsolicited comments: �What are you doing differently for your skin?� Subjects with fair complexions claimed the cream lightened their skin. Most concluded they were experiencing a more youthful appearance.

The same volunteers were also evaluated for the ability of the DermLastyl peptides to improve skin elasticity and tone. Before and after photographs showed a significant improvement in elasticity and tone during the 2 month treatment period.

Hylexin, Eye Cream

The following Dermalastyl W/ Tropoelastin Cream is available at our Beauty, Antiaging & Skin Care Product Store (Women & Men):