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Derm’Ice anti-aging skin products are created using the latest research in Cryotherapy, which is the use of low temperatures to remove heat from body parts, thus creating an intense cold. The elements of Derm’Ice will generate a dry intense cold that will produce a wonderful rejuvenating experience when combined with your own skincare products.

The intense cold will in turn cause blood vessels to contract and expand.

The intense cold will:

  • Remove damaged cells, toxins and other metabolic waste
  • Strengthen tissues
  • Reduce puffiness around the face
  • Reduce any signs of aging, wrinkles and dark bags under the eyes
  • Tighten pores
  • Brighten complexion

This revolutionary skincare treatment is very quick, only needing 30 seconds for the face and 5 seconds for each eye. The cold generated by the Derm’Ice will continue even after the session ends to promote skin cell extension. As there is no age limit to this product, you will benefit from immediate results from puffy, tired eyes.

The benefits from using Derm’Ice are extensive and the capabilities are maximized in the compressed device. This device is perfect for any age and people with sensitive skin. Your pores will be tightened to get smoother, younger looking skin.