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Kinerase Skin Care

Kinerase Skin Care

Actual photographs show before (left picture) and results after 12 weeks (right picture) of usage with Kinerase Lotion, 0.1% kinetin. Photos not retouched.

"Kinerase is a simple and effective skin care regimen that keeps my skin looking healthy and youthful." - Courtney Cox

Kinerase Skin Care products are recommended by many dermatologists and plastic surgeons for improving the appearance and texture of sun-damaged facial skin and providing gentle moisturization for a wide variety of skin types and for post-cosmetic procedure skin. Kinerase skin care products are so gentle that they are recommended and can be used by most people. The active ingredient in Kinerase's products is N6-furfuryladenine (für-für-el-ad-e-nen), which improves your skin's ability to retain moisture. This laboratory-produced ingredient is identical to the essential plant growth factor found to slow down changes that naturally occur in the cell aging process.

Reduce Appearance Of Wrinkles, Rough Skin, Blotchy/Uneven Skin

Kinerase Skin Care products help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, rough skin, and hyperpigmentation. Kinerase skin care products can also improve skin texture, diminish the appearance of freckles and brown spots and help lessen the look of blotchy, uneven-colored skin. Kinerase provides highly effective moisturization for all skin types in a formulation that feels great on your skin.

So Gentle That Almost Everyone Can Use It

Kinerase Skin Care products have been shown to be so gentle that they are recommended and can be used by most people, including people with dry skin, sensitive skin, rosacea, eczema, and dermatitis. Moreover, people with retinoid-intolerant skin who are sensitive to retinoid products (Retin-A, Renova) can enjoy a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles with Kinerase without the side effects that are often associated with topical retinoid use.

Superior Moisturization For Skin Recovering From Cosmetic & Dermatological Procedures

Due to the gentle formulation of Kinerase products, the regular use of Kinerase skin care products has been shown to provide superior moisturization for skin recovering from cosmetic and dermatological procedures, such as laser skin resurfacing, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels. Since Kinerase is gentle enough to use after such procedures, you can trust it to be gentle enough for your skin.

A Formulation For All Skin Types

Kinerase is available in both a Kinerase Cream (for normal to dry skin) and a Kinerase Lotion (for oily skin) formulation. The efficacy of both formulations has been shown to be similar. Kinerase is safe to use with makeup or sunscreen.

Savings With Kinerase Cream & Lotion Packs

Save a few dollars when you buy the Kinerase Cream 80 gram Tube - 2 Pack or Kinerase Lotion 80 gram Tube - 2 Pack.