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M2 Skin Technlogies (5)

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M2 Skin Technologies

M2 Skin Technologies

M2 Skin Technologies

Transform your skin with the power of M2, the latest skin care collection from the makers of MaMa Lotion. M2 incorporates Mandelic and Malic Acids into each of its products. These unique Alpha Hydroxy Acids have the amazing ability to resurface your skin, eliminating acne, softening wrinkles, and lightening scars and hyperpigmentation.

What can M2 Skin Technologies do for you?

  • Even skin tone, reduce age spots & freckles
  • Significantly reduce acne breakouts
  • Tighten the skin & pores
  • Reduce or erase fine lines & wrinkles
  • Significantly reduce symptoms of rosacea
  • Help fade signs of melasma

What should I expect from M2 Skin Technologies?

Within a month of using the M2 Collection, you will see a significant improvement in the clarity and color of your skin. Pigmented areas will be greatly improved and the overall texture of your skin will be softer and smoother.

Within two months of use, you will also notice a significant decrease in the number of blemishes. If you are still breaking out, you will find that the blemishes will be greatly reduced in size and the marks they leave behind will vanish even faster than before. Dark pigmented areas on the body will start to peel and will leave behind smooth, flawless skin.