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State of The Art Skin Whitening & Lightening Products For Dark Skin Complexion


Learn About Makari Skin Whitening & Lightening


Makari Ingredients


The safe and effective Makari Caviar Lightening Creams and Lotions will leave your skin visibly lighter and firmer. As it revitalizes and restores major skin functions, this skin lightening cream prevents premature expression lines while offering a uniforms luminous complexion. Dark skin complexions can become up to five shades lighter, depending on the applications and skin types.

Unlike most skincare products, all ingredients in those products are 100% natural derived from plant extracts, such as mulberry leaves, lemon leaves, wheat germ, corn, etc. None of the products contain hydroquinone. The active ingredient is called vegeclarine, a plant derivative. Some products also contain caviar extracts, a unique ingredient that helps lighten and control melanin production. There should be no side affects if used correctly. (Note: those who are allergic to sea products should not use Makari's Creams or Lotions).

Makari products work well on any type of melanin rich skin. Since there are so many different skin types, results may vary. There are many different types of creams. The Night Lightening Cream is more oily, more onctuous than the day Lightening Cream. Some women may prefer using the Night Cream even during the day in winter time, when having dry skin. Additionally, the Day Lightening Cream contains sunscreen.

The Caviar Face Lightening Cream and the Beauty Lightening Milk are intended to fade blemishes, spots and marks. Within time, even old blemishes will disappear. Some real harsh blemishes may require the Skin Repairing Serum, a concentrated gel applied to severely darkened areas only. Makari products also work on Melasma, although the treatment can be relatively up to a year long, additional use of a good sunscreen and sun avoidance is essential."

In addition to Skin Lightening Creams, Makari's Cleansing Lotions are all super deep cleansing products fighting against acne and other bacterial breakouts. It is also important to apply the products gently, in order not to irritate the skin.

All-Natural Makari Superior To Hydroquinone

While it has been considered the gold standard for lightening treatment for over 50 years, recent studies have surfaced showing hydroquinone to be carcinogenic and even lethal with long term use, in addition to causing a myriad of other skin and health problems. For this reason, Makari Skin Care uses only plant-based derivatives and Caviar extracts in their products for safe and effective skin lightening.

Read more about why Makari ingredients are superior to hydroquinone.

What is Caviar & How Can It Benefit Me?

Researchers state that Caviar, a Caspian Sea specie, is loaded with protein, vitamins and minerals and have cell structures identical to human skin cells. This unique combination of bio stimulators, vitamins, micro-elements and amino acids assures luxurious care for the face and skin. Those ingredients intensify the processes inside the skin cells and at the same time slow down the aging process by moisturizing. Caviar extracts are a true source of nucleic acids. They are in themselves a source of marine DNA, a key element to skin cell regeneration. A light moisture- retaining film protects the skin against external effects such as UV radiation, the climate, dehydration and pollution. This protection fosters the reduction of superficial lines and wrinkles, thereby improving the skin. Caviar extracted products will give sagging, tired looking skin an intensive firming and lustrous finish. It helps speed up the natural production of collagen and in time helps to plump up and thicken the skin thus giving a younger, firmer appearance.

Makari products, with deeply effective care components extracted from precious Caviar complexes and unique sea proteins, are intended for dark skin complexion. A complete spectrum of nutritive ingredients is available due to our extraction method which permits utilization of both hydro soluble and lipid soluble vitamins in dark skin. They transform the skin, firm it, give it a satin-look and replace the tired skin with a gift of energy and moisture.

Smoothly textured, Makari will drench the skin in moisture, leaving it toned and supple while also protecting against free radical damage. This supremely elegant formula combines the finest bioengineering technologies, offering skin the most effective and luxurious firming action ever experienced in dark skin care formulation.

Super rich in Caviar extracts, Makari is a beauty treatment program in four different dermatologic phases:

1. Purifying
2. Stimulating
3. Protecting
4. Controlling

Makari purifies the skin thoroughly cleansing it from external bacteria, removing all dirt and dead cells from the skin interior. It also removes liver spots, sun spots and blemishes at a slow yet effective process, thereby giving the skin an even light tone. Furthermore, Makari stimulates controlled cell production avoiding linear aging spots and wrinkles. Acting as a skin defense agent. Makari protects the skin from external influences and finally, controls stabilization when the skin has already reached its natural skin well-being state. Makari is excellent in re-hydration of dry skin, a wonderful base under make up, and will prolong and improve make up wear. Makari is a water based formula excellent form for oily combination skin type. So look your beautiful best with a complete range of Makari products that helps conceal and camouflage the skin's imperfections for a flawless, more youthful appearance.

Makari Make Up

In addition to skin care, Makari makes a luxurious line of make up.

Go to the Makari Make Up Boutique.