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Makari Skin Whitening & Lightening


Customer Testimonials

"I tried all types of skin lightening products that would work in evening out my skin tone. Nothing worked until I got to know Makari. The Makari products not only lightened and evened out my skin tone. It also made me look more youthful and radiant. Today, I meet many friends who question about the change in my complexion. I smile and answer, Makari has given me the skin I have always dreamed about!..........

-Kate Meite, Carthage, NY/ Skin Care Retailer

�I was first introduced to Makari by my hairstylist, Erika Kinniebrew. She offered me some free samples and when I had them applied, I was so impressed with the results. I saw a fresher, more radiant look on my skin. My skin felt softer and appeared firmer by the touch. And since then Makari has become a part of my daily regime. You must understand that as a fashion model, my complexion is a critical issue in my career. And Makari has changed me forever. Physically in my appearance and emotionally, I feel proud showing all the skin that I have.�

-Aisha Black/Los Angles, CA Fashion Model

�Listen to my story�.A couple of months ago, I searched the web and happened to collide with the skincare brand of Makari. Displayed on the website, was an option of requesting free samples of the products. I submitted my mailing information and only a few days later, I already received the samples. I made my first application at bedtime and in the morning when I awoke I believed I had undergone miracles! I saw an unusual change in my complexion. It was brighter, more uniform and radiant. In the past, I have used other skincare products. These products were okay for my skin. But now Makari has beaten those. Its effects and functional skills are far greater. It seems as if the Makari formula has been customized for my skin! Away faded all the spots and blemishes, my skin is now anew by a flawless, youthful complexion.�

�Mary Junior/Hawthorne, CA Real Estate Agent

�The products are really great. I happen to be such a skeptic as far as skincare products for ethnic and African American people go and this happens to be exceptional. It smells great and feels great too. It is light on the skin, leaving it smooth (it doesn't dry up like other products do) I happen to have sensitive skin and this is the first line that has not made me break out. I can go on and on I just want to say, thank you Makari, but where have you been all my life!!!�

-Irene M./ Irving, CT

�I have experienced a dramatic change on my face, after using Makari products. I use the whitening exfoliating soap day and night followed by the day/night lightening cream. As I continue to use these products I notice my skin evening out to a toned complexion while vanishing the uneven marks I can get.�

�Erika Kinniebrew /Hawthorn, CA Licensed Cosmetician

�Just want to say, that since I started using you products, the result is great. I love the day-night face cream, also the soap. I told my friends about our great and wonderful products. Keep up the good work. Again, they are great products. I love you all. God bless. Thanks!�

- Rosemarie Vassall/Arlington, TX

I battled with melasma-like pigmentation on my face and body for some years & wasted my money on countless other products, most of which made it worse.  So, it was with some skepticism that I tried Makari. My �mask� lightened within just one week of applying the caviar cream.  I have never used other lightening products since then. I'm grateful to the Makari scientist who discovered this magic cream. It has improved my life significantly. Thanks.

- Anonymous

Having used your products for a few weeks, I love the results.
My skin is noticeably clearer and more supple.
I am a fan for life.

- Denise

I have been using makari products since March 2005 and has come to appreciate it.I have introduced the products to a number of people who commended it.From the survey i carried out lots of people will like to use makari especially being hydroquinone free.

- Dr. Pam Obaze

I just wanted to say that your night lightening cream has made my skin the best that I have seen in years, maybe ever. It was so dull and I had an uneven skin tone. Now I have an even skin tone and I have such a glow. I have gotten great comments.  Just the other day I went to have a facial and the aesthetician was commenting on how good my skin looked.

Bought your product in London, man, real value for money. Although a bit pricey, but like I said earlier, worth every penny. Compared with most product in the market I give it the top marks.

- Lola Adey

I am so excited about this line of product, I experience a clean, clear even toned complexion endorsed by a co-worker. I started using specifically the night cream and the exfoliating soap on the night of 10/11/05 and as promised the product really delivers. After all my years of searching for a product for people of color I am very happy to say this will be the product I use for the rest of my life. Other persons in my office have become interested because of the results they have seen. The product was bought at the new location in Harlem. Thank you Makari!!

- Augustine, Bronx, NY

I am a 25yr old black male. I have these scars on my legs which bother me because I am very athletic, I run track and it's hard not to show legs, especially when you work so hard to get them to look good, but cant show them because of the uneven skin tone. I ordered the whitening exfoliating soap, and some other products as well. I must say TRUTHFULLY within a couple of days using your products my skin looks better and feels so much better, it's silkier, and much smoother. I've never been this impressed with anything before, I'm glad ive been introduced to the world of Makari, I hope everyone enjoys the comfort and beauty for such a reasonable price as I have. Thank you so much.

- Victor A.

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