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MD Lash Factor



Physician formulated, the MD Lash Factor is an eyelash conditioner that improves the appearance of natural lash length, fullness, and thickness. The MD Lash Factor is ideal for patients with thinning lashes and is completely safe for contact lens wearers. Opthalmologist and dermatologist tested, this formula is gentle enough for people with sensitive eyes. The MD Lash Factor is completely free of parbens. An initial clinical study showed a 53% increase in length after four weeks of use, while some patients saw improvements in as little as a week.

Because MD Lash Factor is the only eyelash growth product that underwent FDA testing and approval, it may the safest eyelash growth product on the market when compared to Jan Marini Age Intervention or Revitalash.

Visible Dramatic Results from Double Blind Study

  • Cosmetic breakthrough scientifically formulated by Dr. Susan F. Lin.
  • Study subjects reported the appearance of fuller lashes with MD Lash Factor. 1
  • All subjects saw the appearance of longer lash length, including one woman with alopecia areata and another patient receiving chemotherapy.

An alopecia areata patient after four weeks of use:

Another test subject after four weeks of use: