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Natural & Organic Beauty Products


Genesis Boutique: Natural & Organic Skin Care

The Genesis Boutique for Natural & Organic Skin Care has been created with the mission of providing truly natural and organic skin care products that our research has shown to contain only skin-friendly natural and organic ingredients and which are free of harmful and toxic chemicals that are commonly used in many mass-produced skin and personal care products. The boutique is called Genesis because from the "beginning of time" (genesis) and through our times today, nature alone can offer all that one needs for beautiful and healthy skin.

There are many products that falsely market and label themselves as "natural" and "organic" all the while having toxic and harmful chemicals. This makes the consumer's ability to identify real natural and organic skin care products extremely difficult unless you are able to methodically analyze the ingredient list of every product you consider and have a chemist's knowledge of what substance is harmful and what is not. To make your life easier, we have hand-picked the items in the Genesis Boutique to make sure that they are indeed natural and organic and that they do not contain any harmful chemicals. Additionally, many of the companies producing these products that we picked have a "Green" and environmentally-conscious philosophy and make big efforts to create their products without harming the Earth and the environment.

Why Use Natural Or Organic Skin Care?

Being that the skin is an organ that absorbs nearly 60% of substances that are put on the skin, it is important that the actual ingredients in the skin care and personal products that are used not be harmful. Unfortunately, many skin care and personal care brands use chemicals that are harmful to the skin and body, toxic, and even carcinogenic (cancer-causing). According to industry estimates, on any given day a consumer may use as many as 25 different cosmetic and personal care products containing more than 200 different chemical compounds. Does it make sense to use skin care products with chemical substances that are potentially dangerous to one's health or have been shown to cause cancer on the skin? If you answered no, you have your best answer and reason for using natural and organic skin care instead of standard skin care products.

Unfortunately, many of the mass-produced skin care products made today, even those claiming to be "all natural", "botanically based" and "organic" products, contain hazardous ingredients that actually contribute to skin disorders and can accelerate the aging process. Over a reasonable period of time all the chemical components affect the quality of the skin, creating different effects depending on the skin type, frequency of use and environmental conditions. Some of these effects can be detrimental to the skin by increasing its sensitivity to the environment and by not allowing a natural development process. A review of information from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, the National Cancer Institute, the World Health Organization, and the Environmental Protection Agency shows that approximately 125 ingredients found in cosmetics are suspected of causing cancer, with 25 ingredients suspected of causing birth defects and another 20 potentially causing nervous system effects, including headaches, drowsiness and convulsions. 

The use of natural skin care products and organic skin care products for facial and body care is growing rapidly, as the public is started to understand that many of the ingredients that make up a skin care product will be absorbed by the skin and become and integral element of the human body.

How Can I Know If A Skin Care Product Is Really Natural Or Organic?

There is no official organization that currently certifies whether a product is really natural or organic. Unfortunately there is no definitive standard yet in North America or other parts of the world for evaluating natural and organic beauty care products. The responsibility is placed on each consumer to look into the ingredients and private standards of the manufacturer to determine if the skin care product is truly natural or organic. For this reason, we have created this Boutique where we will continuously hand-pick products that are truly natural and organic and filter out products that make false claims about their composition.

While there are independent organizations that certify and control the manufacturing process of natural skin care products and organic skin care products to help the consumer make a better informed decision, the lack of a standard regulation policy within the industry allows many manufacturing companies to abuse this deficiency and falsely label themselves as natural or organic without any legislative body being able to stop this practice. Therefore, until these standards become more widely adopted by manufacturers and governments, consumers must look to the ingredients and to the manufacturer's policies and certifications to evaluate the purity and "organic-ness" of a product.

Although there is no product available in the market than is 100% certified Organic or 100% certified Natural, this shop will provide you with a unique array of natural skin care products and organic skin care products that contain the highest possible levels of all-natural and/or organically grown ingredients. Many of these natural skin care products as well as organic skin care products are based on fruit and vegetable extracts and some of the manufacturers behind these natural skin care brands have their own farms in which they have grown the natural ingredients used to manufacture the natural skin care products and organic skin care products. The goal of these skin care brands is to protect and preserve the natural "life-force" of the healing herbs they cultivate, utilizing principles from aromatherapy, homeopathy, herbal medicine and alchemy. As a result, the natural skin care products and organic skin care products feel fresh and alive.

Another important element of the philosophy behind these natural skin care products is the respect for the world at large, therefore most of them if not all are cruelty-free and the products are not tested on animals.

As you walk through The Natural & Organic Beauty & Skin Care Store, you'll notice that it is organized into the following brands: