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Read Frequently Asked Questions About Nulase - New Laser Technology for Beautiful Skin at Home.

As we age, the process that keeps our skin youthful looking, slows down. The Soft Touch Laser has been designed to penetrates the top layers of the skin, sending a message to our skin cells to produce more cellular energy, commonly called ATP.

ATP (or: adenosine triphosphate) is the fuel our skin cells use for repair and rejuvenation. Increased ATP allows a faster acceptance of nutrients in cells. Research has shown that laser therapy can increase cellular ATP by as much as 150%, contributing to a better looking skin. The Soft Touch Laser's light penetrates the skin, stimulating cellular energy, rejuvenation and repair, for a youthful, smooth, and silky appearance.

The Soft Touch Laser by Nulase emits a safe and gentle laser light that oscillates in a uniform parallel wavelength targeting and gently stimulating your skin cells to obtain an enriching and dynamic effect on the look of your skin. On average, most people will see a significant difference in the look of their skin within one or two weeks, in some cases after the first application and treatment:


The Soft Touch Laser does not cut, harm, burn or inflame the skin. The Soft Touch Laser leaves the skin refreshed with a rejuvenated feeling, therefore no pain is involved. In over 30 years of international research and studies, no side effects from this type of applied low level laser therapy was found.

Nulase was developed by Joe Christian Wanamaker, a Certified Laser Technician, along with Chemical Engineers, Professor Ed Armamento and Gilda C. Alvarez. Nulase has an extensive history of developing unique and innovative skin care products for many well known companies. Mr. Wanamaker began noticing improvements in patients' skin when incorporating topical products with low level laser therapy in the course of his practice. From this idea, it took four years to develop the Soft Touch Laser along with a topical skin care system that enhanced it. A patented Nano Delivery System is used to feed your skin cells with "specific nutrients" that react with light energy. We believe that just as all living things react positively to light, so do your skin cells. If you feed your cells the right restorative nutrients and add low level laser, the result will be a beautiful new complexion.

We are currently undergoing clinical studies of our patented technology. All photographs shown are from these studies.