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Ole Henriksen

With a belief that the best skin care benefits come from nature, Ole Henriksen combines natural botanicals with science for gentle, yet effective products. Each formula is infused with nature's most active extracts working with skin's own renewing powers. His holistic approach to skincare is simple and he advocates consistency in following a skincare regimen. Just cleanse, tone, scrub, moisturize, apply night and eye cream, and your skin will be beautiful.

Ole Henriksen Skin Care Consists of Six Principles

  • Simplicity: Less is more in skin care as over treating the face makes skin frail and extremely sensitive. Ole Henriksen has said, 'Many people make the terrible mistake of over treating their skin, (using too many 'active' products) zapping it of its vitality and resilience.'
  • Renewal: By consistently using high concentrations of antioxidants/DMAE/alpha lipoic acid, and nature's most active acids, skin is firmer, smoother, and has less wrinkles.
  • Simulation: Skin is stimulated with refreshing water, rinseable cleansers, tonics scrubs for refined pores and clean, glowing skin.
  • Hydration: Light, medium, and rich textured creams loaded with soothing and moisturizing ingredients hydrates and protects skin from environmental damage.
  • Pampering: All products have wonderful textures and aromas.
  • Cruelty-free: Ole Henricksen's approach to beauty is pure, natural, and cruelty free. Animals like humans, are to be loved, not tortured.

Skincare for the Stars

Ole Henriksen has worked with stars like first client Barbara Strisand, Madanna, Sylvester Stallone, Charlie Theron, Ben Stiller, Christie Brinkley, Naomi Campbell, Renee Zellweger, Ralph Fiennes, Charlize Theron, Mark Wahlberg, Julia Stiles, Kylie Minogue, Mathew McConaughey, Linda Evangelista, Lisa Marie Presley, Brendan Fraser, Cher, Christy Turlington and Helena Christensen to mention a few.

Behind the Skin Care

Created by Ole Henriksen, owner of one of Los Angeles' top spas, Ole became interested in skincare as a young man when an aesthetician helped him cure cystic acne with botanicals. In the spa business for three decades, Henriksen wrote a book with do-it-yourself remedies. When he realized how difficult it was for people to follow his recipies, he came out with his own skincare line six years ago.

 'My studies in cosmetic chemistry and experience from treating skin, hands on, has given me a clear idea as to the function and content of each product I have developed. This has resulted in a series of pure, natural, high-performance products that are forever evolving through my continued research. As a skin care expert, I take great pride and joy in helping people on the road to great skin. An ideal complexion is a skin canvas that looks radiant in bright daylight, unassisted by make-up. Great skin is smooth and even-textured with perfect moisture balance, taut clean pores and good elasticity. Yes, expression lines are beautiful as a person matures in years! Properly cared for, skin will look beautiful at any age. As with everything in life, effective skin care is about balance.'-Ole Henriksen