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Person Covey


Person & Covey, Skin & Hair Care

Person & Covey offers skin and hair products created specifically for dermatologists and their patients and marketed ethically by Person & Covey, Inc.

Person & Covey, Inc. was established in 1941. By 1958 the firm had nine original or supplemental effective New Drug Applications on file with the Food and Drug Administration. In 1958, the firm was converting from a regional pharmaceutical to a national company. Mr. Lorne V. Person incorporated the firm in 1959 and it remains today a family owned company.

Culminating seven years of research and development, Person & Covey introduced Drysol, a topical treatment for hyperhidrosis as well as Solbar, a sunscreen product of interest to dermatologists in the prevention of sun-related photosensitive conditions. This product proved to be of interest not only to dermatologists, but also to plastic surgeons and allergists.

Person & Covey products are carefully formulated to achieve therapeutic efficiency and cosmetic elegance for the most sensitive patients and contain none of the irritating ingredients frequently found in even the mildest shampoos.

DHS Therapeutic shampoos are formulated to offer a choice of therapeutic regimens for the treatment of: