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RapidLash, Eyelash GrowthRapidLash, Eyelash Growth

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RapidLash Frequently Asked Questions

Lengthen, Thicken, and Improve the Appearance of your Lashes and Brows in just 30 days

In just 30 days, this innovative high-performance formula promotes the appearance of healthy, natural lash and brow growth with a simple once a day application. RapidLash offers maximum protection by delivering essential proteins, vitamins, moisturizing and rejuvenating ingredients that replenish and strengthen the structure of lashes and brows, while adding shine and elasticity. Each strand is nourished providing incredible results that improve the appearance of thin, sparse eyebrows, and help transform thin, brittle or short lashes into Thicker, Longer, Healthier-looking lashes and brows!

This innovative high-performance formula helps lengthen, thicken and improve the condition of your lashes and brows with amazing results in just 30 days with a simple once a day application. It's about time!

  1. Potent Polypeptides help amplify the length, thickness and volume! Powerful Polypeptides provide effective protection against breakage and naturally supports longer, stronger more voluminous lashes.
  2. Vital proteins and vitamins help replenish and fortify! Panthenol and rich minerals join forces to help replenish and rejuvenate lashes with essential proteins and vitamins that provide strength, shine and enhance lashes.
  3. Moisturizing and rejuvenating agents help add shine and flexibility! Unique moisturizing agents provide extreme hydration to lashes by locking in moisture while improving elasticity and durability.

RapidLash is Completely Safe

  • Safety/regulatory status in the US and the European Union - APPROVED
  • Consumer Skin Sensitization Patch Study � PASSED
  • Dermatologist Skin Irritation Study - PASSED
  • Ophthalmologist Eye Irritation Potential Study � PASSED
  • All ingredients have been successfully marketed to consumers in the US and/or Internationally.
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Fragrance-Free

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