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SunSoul, Acne Treatment

Technology Behind SunSoul

Yellowmod Technology

Yelomod is the latest product by SunSoul that uses fluorescent technology to deliver the benefits of the stun's healthy yellow rays to your skin while protecting from harmful UV. The yellowmod fluorescent material converts broad spectrum sunlight to a narrow narrow wavelength band of rejuvenating yellow light while blocking UV rays. The amplified yellow light of the sun's pectrum rejuventates the skin by improving skin tone and texture, while reducing wrinkles or skin discoloration due to aging or sun damge.

Blumod Technology

Blumod is a stylish high-tech line from SunSOul as a solution for blemished skin. It combines the comfort and utility of high-end sport fabrics with professional light treatment technology. It's skin therapy on-the-go for the active lifestyle.

The blumod fabric's dense polymer matrix blocks harmful UV rays of sunlight while fluorescent compounds in the material convert UV into beneficial blue light, triggering a proceess called Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT). During this process, blue light reacts with oxygen and tiny molecules generated by skin bacteria, called porphyrins, suppressing bacterial growth. Wearing the blumod clothing in the sun only a few hours a week can improve the appearance of blemished, damaged skin.


The following SunSoul Skin Rejuvenating Clothing is available at our Beauty, Antiaging & Skin Care Product Store (Women & Men):