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True Cosmetics

True Cosmetics, Skin Care

TRUE Cosmetics has created a skincare line for a variety of skin types and skin conditions. So whether you have oily to dry, or problematic skin, you can have remarkable skin at any age.

Embodying the best in current, ancient and future technologies, TRUE Cosmetics transcends momentary beauty to improve skin and soul. Here, every ingredient, every product counts. TRUE Csometics signature standards are woven throughout all skin care collections to boost the efficacy and experience of every product.

Aroma Blends

True skin care formulas and you benefit from the all natural 100% TRUE Aroma Essential Oil Blends extracted from flowers, leaves, herbs, fruits and woods from around the globe. These aroma blends are expertly crafted and not only offer a beautiful aromatic experience but authentic therapy for body, mind and spirit.


Pure plant energy is found in the TRUE Hydrosol- the steam distilled combination of pure extracts of anti-inflammatory Lavender, soothing Chamomile and regenerating Rose that in many formulations replace water while providing potent skin treatment and gentle aromatherapy.

Antioxidant Complex

Proven and effective protection is found in every product, via the TRUE Antioxidant Complex of Japanese Green Tea, White Tea and DL Alpha Tocopherol.


Targeted skin care is sold as seven effective, concise, collections addressing specific and changing skin care needs. Designed with your business in mind ensuring "consumer friendly" sell through, beautiful merchandising elements, and new profit centers with minimal investment.