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Hospital Beds


Hospital beds provide safety for patients, and are different than normal beds. These beds do not necessarily need to be used in hospitals, but can be used in health care facilities and in residential homes. Hospital beds have adjustable head, foot, and bed sections that will ensure comfort and assist nurses, care givers and health care practitioners when providing treatment and tending to patients. 

Bed rails are another method of safety that can be raised and lowered for accessibility to and from the bed. This added security prevents patients from rolling or falling from the bed onto the hard floors. Bed rails also allow nurses to easily turn and reposition patients, reduce the chance of patients falling when being transported, and provide easier access to bed controls. In order to make beds safe for patients, health care practitioners perform a fall risk assessment and if the patient is deemed at risk, physical restraints such as vests, ankle/wrist restraints are used to prevent the patient from hurting themselves and others.

There are three types of hospital beds that are used: Full Electric, Manual, and Semi-Electric.

  • Full electric hospital beds have electric controls that allow patients and their health care practitioners to raise the head, foot and bed height with the single push of a button. These beds have sections that can be raised or lowered to accommodate patients and allows them control with the push of a button for many functions including the television, and calling nurses for assistance. Makemeheal carries affordable electric beds that will increase patients comfort and provide maximum security.
  • Semi-electric hospital beds are slightly similar to full electric hospital beds because the head and foot of the bed can be moved. The only difference is that instead of using electric controls, semi-electric beds uses a hand crank to raise and lower sections.
  • Manual hospital beds do not use electricity to raise head, foot and bed height but instead only uses hand cranks.