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Vitamin K


Vitamin K
Get Rid Of Your Black & Blues

How Can Vitamin K Benefit My Healing Journey?

Vitamin K (named for the German word koagulation) is found in green leafy vegetables as well as fermented foods. The Vitamin K tablets, pills, and creams featured in the store can be beneficial for diminishing post-surgical bruising and general bruising due to any injury. Products containing Vitamin K are amongst the most popular and effective healing vitamins, supplements and homeopathic remedies on offer. As Vitamin K promotes blood clotting, patients have taken pill and cream forms of Vitamin K to reduce bruising. Moreover, Vitamin K strengthens blood vessel walls, which makes you less prone to bruising. Vitamin K creams have the advantage of enabling one to provide a large dose right on the bruised spot where one needs it. Vitamin K may be applied topically, typically as a 5% cream to diminish postoperative bruising. At Makemeheal, Vitamin K is available in a wide range of products. Whether it is in the form of recovery cream, soft and reduction gels or in the post-procedural relief kit, the use of Vitamin K is assured to aid recovery in the aftermath of a procedure.

The benefits of Vitamin K products include:

  • Lessens the appearance and number of small blood vessels

  • Promotes healing of skin discolorations

  • Evens skin tone

  • Improving circulation to bruised tissue