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B4bra Breast Implants Sizer

B4Bra Breast Implants Sizer

The Breast Implants Size Problem

The b4bra Breast Implant Sizer tool has emerged in response to the inherent problems in breast implant size techniques available to women. The problem of patients getting their breasts augmented to a size that they wished was bigger or smaller stems from the very fact that one cannot actually measure accurately the breast size they want to be. Moreover, breast implants are not like clothing, as one cannot actually �try on� an implant before deciding which size to get. While doctors will do everything to help patients better communicate the breast size they want by having patients bring in photos of women with breasts they desire, using digital imaging software to show patients the size they can be, or by having the patient stuff zip lock bags with rice or stocking stuffers in their bras, these methods do not lead to an accurate determination of what breast size the patient actually desires. As a result of these rough methods, women often find themselves getting breast implants that are smaller than the size they wanted. The only way to rectify this problem is to go under the knife a second time, remove the existing implants, and have bigger implants re-inserted. But the idea of having to get plastic surgery again is not appealing to most patients, who settle for their new breast size, despite it not being the ideal one they wanted.