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Breast Implants Sizer Kits



B4Bra Breast Implants Sizer

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Breast Sizing Problem  

"I should have gone bigger..." is the most frequent complaint from women who have undergone a breast augmentation procedure.

For Beautiful Breasts

  • Get the beautiful breast size & look you desire
  • Multiple sizers in kit enable you to see your new look in different sizes
  • Measure in cubic centimeters (cc's) to determine your ideal breast implant size
  • Communicate to your plastic surgeon accurately the breast implants size you want
  • Be able to see final results under clothing like swimsuits, tops, and dresses
  • Be more comfortable in making a decision about your implant size
  • Recommended & tested by leading, board-certified plastic surgeons
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Get opinions from family and friends

Ideal for anyone considering having breast augmentation, breast reconstruction or other breast surgery, the B4Bra Breast Implants Sizer is a simple, yet powerful tool that enables women to better visualize the breast implants size that they desire and to determine more accurately how many cubic centimeters (also known as "cc's", which are the measurement of implants) their implants should be. Created by a plastic surgeon, the b4bra kit comes with 8 different sizers that allow you to try different sizing options with a volume range from 250cc-675 cc and fitting B, C, D, and DD cups. As over 50% of women who have had breast augmentations admit they had trouble with sizing or were unhappy with the size they ultimately got, the B4Bra helps ensure that a woman will be able to get the right size that she desires with no regrets.