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ActiPatch Swelling, Bruising & Pain Relief Therapy (FDA-Approved)

ActiPatch (FDA Approved)

A Modern Miracle to Heal Faster & Recover Better

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ActiPatch is a medical device that delivers pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) therapy in a small, patient applied patch, to accelerate healing of soft tissue injuries.The reduction of pain and swelling allows the patient to return to normal activities much sooner. ActiPatch helps also to reduce bruising and edema and has the FDA clearance for the treatment of edema following blepharoplasty.

Testing performed at the Bioelectromagnetics Research Laboratory at the State University of New York has shown that ActiPatch Therapy provides an adequate dosage of electromagnetic energy for the treatment of soft tissue, and that its power at the skin level is equivalent to that of traditional high-power devices. The power level is six to nine orders of magnitude higher than that which is required to show a biological effect. It also demonstrated that the cumulative effect of continuous delivery provides a greater therapeutic benefit than sporadic treatments.

Both physicians and patients are very impressed with the results obtained whith ActiPatch. The patient below, used ActiPatch for less than 24 hours after his injury and as you can see, ActiPatch completely healed his bruising.

You can clearly see where the ActiPatch was applied.

How does ActiPatch Work?

When soft tissue is damaged, the cells separate to prevent the transmission of infection. The cells leak fluid and cellular components break down while the cellular debris causes inflammation, swelling and pain.

ActiPatch stabilizes the leaking cell membrane by recharging it. The pulsed energy delivered by ActiPatch drives of the edematous fluid along with by products of the damaged tissue thereby reducing swelling.

The mechanisms provide an environment in which cell-cell communication is re-established in the area of the injured tissue. This provides a well demonstrated and significant overall improvement in the restorative and recovery process following surgery. As a result of the above changes, a decrease in the pain associated with soft tissue injury often occurs.

Who is behind ActiPatch ?

BioElectronics is the developer and marketer of  ActiPatch. BioElectronics Corporation is in the business of creating innovative new products by miniaturizing electromagnetic therapeutic applications into disposable, cost-effective dermal patches. The Company's ActiPatch is a drug-free, painless, pulsed energy patch and has FDA clearance for the treatment of edema following blepharoplasty.

The ActiPatch is a convenient at-home 24 hour therapy that comes in different shapes and sizes depending on the area where it needs to be applied.