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AqueCool Rapid Recovery System

Aqueduct AqueCool Rapid Recovery System

Advanced Therapeutic Cooling To Accelerate Healing

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Approved and recommended by some of the world's leading plastic surgeons, the AqueCool Rapid Recovery System is a must have for anyone wanting to accelerate healing and minimize recovery time, pain, swelling, and bruising after cosmetic surgery. Providing safe, controlled, continuous therapeutic cooling and compression, the FDA-cleared AqueCool device is the most advanced post-operative recovery product available, allowing you to enjoy an optimal outcome, in the minimum amount of time, with the least amount of pain, swelling, and bruising. The Aquecool Rapid Recovery System is cleared by the FDA for cold therapy on the face and body.

The soothing AqueCool system conveniently and safely delivers the clinically proven benefits of therapeutic cooling and compression, without the risks, mess, and inconvenience of ice and freezer-based devices:

  • Faster recovery
  • Reduced pain and discomfort
  • Reduced swelling and bruising

Additionally, the AqueCool Rapid Recovery System provides the following important benefits:

  • Automated, continuous therapy - no changing out icepacks
  • Patient adjustable temperature for comfort and compliance
  • Controlled temperature is always safe, always therapeutic
  • No mess, no fuss

How the AqueCool Rapid Recovery System Works:

The AqueCool System is a fully-electric cooling pump that uses advanced thermoelectric technology to cool water and maintain it within a temperature range that is always safe, and always therapeutic (50 - 65 �F). The AqueCool Device circulates the cool water through a comfortable, form-fitting Vest that is specifically designed to provide targeted, controlled cooling and compression to the critical areas of your breast region. The Vest features adjustable, removable straps and an accessible zipper make the vest fit comfortably and easy to wear.. The result is a highly convenient, compact system that provides safe, continuous therapeutic cooling with considerable benefits over traditional cold therapy products like ice packs and gel packs.

Why Is AqueCool Better Than Traditional Cold Therapy?

The use of cold therapy has been proven to provide a host of benefits to patients recovering from surgical procedures, including pain relief, reduction of swelling and bruising, and accelerated tissue healing. However, cold therapy must be maintained in a safe and therapeutic temperature range so that there is no risk of frostbite, tissue damage, or cold burn on the skin. Also, it must be comfortable and convenient, so that the patient can easily comply with the therapy without discomfort. Aqueduct�s Controlled Cooling Technology constantly maintains the therapy in a safe and therapeutic temperature range, while allowing the patient to adjust the temperature for maximum comfort and compliance. It�s safe for continuous, uninterrupted use, with no risk of frostbite or skin damage.

Comparison of AqueCool and Ice Pack / Gel Pack

Freezer-based solutions like ice and gel packs are uncontrolled and not adjustable: they often begin too cold, and then quickly warm up so as not to provide adequate therapy. These methods must be time-regulated (e.g. 20 min on / 40 min off) to avoid damaging the tissue, which is inconvenient, disruptive, uncomfortable, and very difficult to comply with while sleeping. In contrast, the AqueCool is incredibly convenient � no cycling products in and out of the freezer, no going to the store to buy ice. You rest better, and your spouse or caregiver is not burdened with having to change ice packs every hour, particularly at night. Another important difference is that the AqueCool AqueVest is specifically designed to provide compression to the most critical areas to help reduce swelling and improve lymphatic drainage. The Vest is adjustable, and is designed to be worn comfortably for many days, providing gentle, uniform compression.

How Does Controlled Cooling Accelerate Healing?

Therapeutic cooling has been proven to reduce pain, swelling, bleeding, bruising, and recovery time after surgical procedures . The immediate application of cold therapy is beneficial for reducing post-operative swelling by constricting the capillary vessels and slowing down the flow of blood and other fluids to the injured or operated area. Furthermore, cooling reduces secondary hypoxic injury. When tissue is injured (surgically or otherwise), the oxygen supply to the tissue is reduced, while the oxygen needs of the tissue increase (Fig 1). The ensuing oxygen deficit causes secondary hypoxic injury, or additional tissue injury, tissue death, and swelling. Controlled therapeutic cooling reduces the metabolic needs of the injured tissue (Fig 2), thereby reducing the secondary hypoxic injury, and accelerating the wound healing process.

Additionally, cooling is a natural pain reliever. Patients benefit from cold therapy�s anesthetic effect on the nerves, which helps reduce the sensation of pain and discomfort, and provides a soothing, refreshing, and relaxing feeling to the injured or operated area. In fact, most AqueCool patients surveyed report reduced intake of pain medications. Because cold therapy helps to restore strength, mobility and range of motion more quickly, patients may reduce their hospital stay, heal faster and feel better sooner. Reduced swelling and inflammation will lead to less tension on sutures and therefore a reduction of scar tissue formation.

The AqueCool Rapid Recovery System automates and optimizes your recovery, accelerating your healing process, and allowing you to rest comfortably so you can enjoy the best outcome, in the least amount of time, with the minimum amount of pain and discomfort.

Who is behind AqueCool?

Founded in 2003, Aqueduct Medical, Inc. is focused on developing safe, effective, user-friendly products that improve patient recovery from cosmetic surgical procedures by addressing pain, swelling, bruising, and downtime.