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Mediven Compression & Support Stockings, Socks

Mediven Compression & Support Stockings, Socks

Improving Quality Of Life

Manufactured in North Carolina, Mediven is the worldwide leader in medical compression and orthopedics for more than 80 years and offers a full line of compression stockings, as well as therapeutic and support hosiery for a wide variety of vein disorders. Mediven's stockings help support weakened veins and improve blood flow, thus reducing swelling and improving circulation. Additionally, these medical garments are used as a compression therapy for post sclerotherapy, lymphedema, chronic vein insufficiency (CVI), deep vein thrombosis, and other vein disorders and diseases. When accurately prescribed, fitted and worn properly, Mediven medical compression stockings can also help prevent further vein deterioration.

For Mediven, there is a world of difference between the elastic stockings of the past and Mediven's modern compression stockings and tights. New processes have decisively improved their comfort in wear, hygiene and appearance. They are the result of decades of development work with the use of innovative production methods and materials. For the effective treatment of venous disease, seven sizes are offered for a precisely graduated compression along with a variety of fabrics, colors and fourteen different styles to choose from.

The Mediven line of products includes women's and men's compression and support stockings for different heights, including Calf/Knee-High, Thigh-High, and Pantyhose. Depending on the vein problem or condition that you are trying to treat, you will be able to select from a range of compression levels (measured in millimeters of mercury) that determine the pressure provided by your garment. Garment compression levels range from 15-20 mmHg all the way up to 50-60 mmHg.

Mediven offers unique features to enhance the appearance and wearing comfort of the stockings:


Clima-Comfort ensures pleasant wear characteristics. The technology is based on a special yarn that is covered with various functional materials. These fibers rapidly take up moisture from the surface of the skin and transport it to the outside. This prevents any unpleasant dampness as a result of perspiration. The knitted fabric is also particularly breathable to ensure a good supply of oxygen to the skin and prevent it from drying out. Clima-Comfort guarantees a balanced climate whatever the season:

•  No cooling or overheating, with reliable temperature balancing throughout the stocking

•  No perspiration because of the rapid uptake and release of moisture to the outside

•  No drying of the skin because of high breathability

Climafresh - for a fresher foot

Mediven compression stockings have a unique technical feature: the patented Climafresh system prevents any unpleasant odor formation from bacteria and germs to settle or multiply in the fabric.

The antibacterial effect is achieved with a special spinning process and not by subsequent chemical treatment. The effect is not reduced by regular washing.

The patented Climafresh system is incorporated in the toe of the Mediven elegance and Mediven plus qualities. In the Mediven forte and Mediven maxi the antibacterial yarn extends throughout the leg.

Use of the High- tech for natural elasticity

The high two-way elasticity of Mediven is based on the combination of an elastic knitting yarn made of easy-care polyamide along with a non-covered and very stretchable high-tech compression yarn.

This yarn consists of two elastane components with elastic properties that combine to give an optimum result and allows an even more accurate compression gradient to be achieved. Only this combination of yarns guarantees maximum lengthwise and crosswise elasticity and provides optimum leg comfort in wear. The attractive transparency and fine texture of Mediven stockings is a result of this high-tech yarn.

The compression stockings are easy to put on and have a perfect, wrinkle-free fit.

Power-thread-for pressure over a large area

The Mediven's breathable, power thread has a powerful Elasthane core covered by another elastic yarn. It ensures compression that covers a wide area and is effective on the deeper tissues as it is vital for edema therapy.

What Is The Difference Between Compression Stockings and Support Stockings?

For convenience and ease of finding products, we have organized the store into categories of "Compression Stockings" and "Support Stockings". Compression Stockings are firm compression stockings whose compression level is 20mmHg and higher, while Support Stockings are generally light compression stockings whose compression level is below 20mmHg. Compression Stockings are generally indicated for more serious venous diseases such as acute leg/ankle swelling, varicose veins, lymphedema, and chronic venous diseases. Support stockings are indicated for relief of tired legs, mild swelling, spider veins, and as a prevention for patients at risk for developing varicose veins.

Click on the Compression Levels Chart to learn about common indications for various compression levels.

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