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Solidea Compresion & Support Stockings, Socks

Solidea Compression & Support Stockings, Socks & Panythoses, and Anti-Cellulite Shapewear

Solidea stockings are so fashionable and elegant that you won't believe you're wearing a medical compression stocking. Founded in Italy in 1976, the Solidea Collection of compression and support stockings is based on the principle of combining comfort, therapy well-being and glamour into a garment that is not only medical, but also stylishly feminine. Solidea's unique products meet the personality and needs of today's modern woman. Solidea offers support and compression stockings in all compression levels, from 8 mmHg, 12, 15, 18-21 to 25-32 mmHg compression. Made with valuable yarns, the quality of Solidea's garments are based on years of research into materials and processing techniques.

What Is The Difference Between Compression Stockings and Support Stockings?

For convenience and ease of finding products, we have organized the store into categories of "Compression Stockings" and "Support Stockings". Compression Stockings are firm compression stockings whose compression level is 20mmHg and higher, while Support Stockings are generally light compression stockings whose compression level is below 20mmHg. Compression Stockings are generally indicated for more serious venous diseases such as acute leg/ankle swelling, varicose veins, lymphedema, and chronic venous diseases. Support stockings are indicated for relief of tired legs, mild swelling, spider veins, and as a prevention for patients at risk for developing varicose veins.

Click on the Compression Levels Chart to learn about common indications for various compression levels.

You can walk through the following aisles of our Solidea Store and browse the following categories of compression and support stockings, socks, and hosiery:

Solidea Anti-Cellulite Compression Shapewear

Made from fabric that works with the body's natural movements, the shapwear garments exert a beneficial micromassage on skin and adipose tissue, to stimulate microcirculation impeded by cellulite, and drain fluids causing the orange peel. At the end of the day, cellulite is reduced, skin looks better, and muscles are toned.