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Contest: How Cosmetic Surgery Changed My Life | Over $15,000 in Prizes

As a company that has helped millions of people in their life-transforming journeys with cosmetic surgery, Makemeheal.com wants to showcase the many inspiring and touching stories of women and men whose lives have been transformed by cosmetic surgery.  Cosmetic surgery does not help only on the skin surface, but can be a great change catalyst in helping people in their personal, professional, mental, and social lives.

If you have an amazing story to tell us about how cosmetic surgery helped change your life in more ways than one, we want to hear from you.  Not only can you have the chance to win some amazing prizes (see below), but you can inspire and educate men and women who are considering cosmetic surgery.

Contest Rounds

First Round: Submit a written statement (at least 1 page) about what cosmetic prodcedure(s) you did and how it/they changed your life in physical, personal, professional, mental, and social respects.  Please include the date(s) of your procedure(s), before/after photos and if Makemeheal.com has helped you in your journey, feel free to talk about it (not required).

Second Round: If your story is compelling enough and gets enough votes to get selected past the first round, you will be selected to the video entry round, where your story will be seen by millions of people and you will be one step closer to the grand prize. More details on this will be provided to those that advance in the contest.

Final Round: The final round will have you appear in our Finals Event which will be a televised broadcast where you will meet and be interviewed by our panel of celebrity judges and where millions of viewers will get to see who the finalists are.  The winners (first through third place) will be announced at this incredible event.

Contest Rules

1) Email the following to us at: contests@makemeheal.com

  • Written Statement.
  • Contact Infomation: Your full name, email, telephone, and address (must be a USA resident).

2) Like our Makemeheal Facebook page and then post your answer on our page to the following question: 

How has cosmetic surgery changed your life?

NOTE:  In your response, be sure to say something like the following at the beginning of your post so people know to vote for you:  

I am a Makemeheal.com Contestant for the “How Cosmetic Surgery Helped My Life” Contest.

3) Spread the word on Your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube: Spread the word about being a contestant and tell your friends to vote.  After you apply, we will email you a personalized link to where your friends can check out your contest profile and vote.  So feel free to post your statement on your Facebook page, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, and so on. The more people that see your story, the more potential votes that you can get! 

We will be in touch with you once we receive your information to provide you with a link to your story on Makemeheal.com so that you can tell friends and others about being a contestant.

Contest Voting Process

The First Round of the contest will involve the public voting for contestants.  A selection of contestants with the most votes will advance to the Final Round, which will have major celebrity judges picking the top three winners.  The Final Round will be televised and showcased on all media channels, including TV, Online, and more.

Over $15,000 in Prizes

First place winner will win a full Makeover, with: 

  • A Cosmetic Treatment from one of the top cosmetic doctors in the USA.
  • Make-up artist makeover with some top celebrity artists.
  • Hair makeover by celebrity Hair Stylists.
  • A big stash of the hottest beauty & wellness products.
  • Many more prize goodies to be announced!

Second & Third Place Winners will also win goodies!

Nationwide Television, Online, Magazine Exposure 

  • The contest will be featured in all the major nationwide TV stations, online, print, and radio channels.
  • Winners will become year-long spokespersons for Makemeheal.com and get interviewed by major media companies.

Contestant Eligibility

  1. Must be a USA Resident and 18 years old and over.
  2. One statement per contestant.
  3. Photos must be authentic and factually accurate.
  4. Not open to Makemeheal.com employees.



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