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Doctor Supplies & Products

DoctorGoodies Shop: Plastic Surgeon/Doctor Products & Supplies

How Can Plastic Surgeon/Doctor Products Benefit My Patient's Experience?

The DoctorGoodies Shop is devoted to helping the plastic surgeon enhance the patient experience and quality of patient care that you offer and give you the special touch that will be remembered in your patient's mind. The products and supplies that are featured in this area include consultation patient gowns, robes, and camisoles for women and men that will help make your patients' pre-op visits special, make the patient feel good, look elegant, allow your patient dignity and privacy, while allowing you easy and complete access during exams. Additionally, the Store also offers breast augmentation sizers that can be used to enable your patients to visualize the various size options that they have for breast augmentations. Each sizer is designed to look and feel similar to a natural breast in weight, shape, color and texture.

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Consultation Gowns, Robes & Camisoles

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Breast Augmentation Sizers

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