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Senior Health & Wellness


MakeMeheal.com offers a wide selection of rehabilitation, personal hygiene and home health care products for seniors. These specialty products are made by leading manufacturers and some of them are offered exclusively on our website with the aim of bringing comfort and safety to elders.

We cooperate with top-level medical professionals from all spheres of the healthcare industry and consider customer reviews in order to locate and offer the most effective products for our elderly customers. Eye care products, eating aids, digital electronics, identification jewelry, shower and bath aids, telephones for elders, hip chairs, and special protectors are only a small part of the wide range of products that you can find in our Senior Health & Wellness store.

Our high-quality products are intended to make seniors' lives easier, happier, healthier and more independent. We recognize the importance of serving this population with products that answer to their needs. For example, browse the categories on the left side of the page for a great variety of dressing aids (sock and shoe horns, zipper and button pullers), foot care aids (slipper non-slip socks, blanket support), eating aids (plastisol coated spoons, round-up plates), drinking aids (gravity-assisted drinking cups, nosey glasses, halo cups), pill aids (grip pill organizers, pill envelopes, pulverizers and bottle openers), visual and hearing impaired aids (talking glucometers, digital talking scales, telephone amplifiers), and many other products that will be very helpful for older people in the process of self-servicing and rehabilitation.