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Bath Safety Accessories

How Can Bath Safety Accessories Benefit My Healing Journey?

The Bath Safety Accessories department of the Store features Bath Chairs & Benches and Shower & Bath Mats that can help minimize the risk of slipping or falling down in the shower/bath during the early phase of recovery when you may be feeling low on energy, tired, and drowsy from the trauma of the surgery, anesthesia, and pain medications that you may be taking. Depending on your individual healing situation, standing in the shower may be dangerous. Instead of standing and endangering your safety, having a seat in the shower and placing a non-slippery mat in the shower are tried-and-tested tips that veterans recommend to practice until your energy level is restored to normal and you are no longer on pain medications. Beyond safety, a bath bench or chair can also make your showering experience more comfortable and make the task of soaping up your body easier. With a bath bench or chair, you will not need to bend over much to reach harder to reach spots. For many cosmetic procedures, it is advised not to bend down below the level of the heart because this action can worsen swelling and bruising and expose you to a hematoma. Additionally, a bath bench or chair will also allow you to clean all parts of your body easily without twisting around and turning your head unnecessarily. This is a valuable benefit to patients having facial cosmetic procedures, as twisting and turning one’s head excessively can worsen your symptoms. It is recommended to purchase your bath safety accessories some time before your cosmetic procedure in order to have enough time to try them out, make adjustments, and properly place them in the shower or bath.