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Corrective & Camouflage Make Up

How Can Corrective & Camouflage Makeup Benefit My Healing Journey?

Once you are well enough to go back out into the real world (which varies from person to person and can occur anywhere during the first or second week of post-op, or shortly thereafter), it is quite likely that certain symptoms such as bruising discolorations, swelling, scars, and temporary lump and bump formations remain visible to the eye. Depending on your healing rate, these symptoms can linger for days, weeks and even longer. Of course, waiting at home for these symptoms to fade away would be a torturous and unthinkable proposition for most of us. However, attempting to cover such temporary symptoms with too much regular makeup may only bring more attention to these problem areas. Thankfully, camouflage makeup exists for the very purpose of hiding or reducing the appearance of symptoms that are present after your surgery.

The Corrective & Camouflage Makeup department features concealers, corrective & camouflage creams, foundations, powders, and makeup removers.

Also known as paramedical or corrective makeup, camouflage makeup is used to normalize the appearance of bruising discolorations that span from black, blue, and purple, to green, yellow, gray, and brown. Moreover, once incision sites have closed, patients also use camouflage makeup to conceal their fresh, red scars that are visible. Camouflage makeup can also be used to hide mature, faded scars. Further, camouflage makeup may be used to reduce the uneven, bumpy-looking distortions that swelling can create in areas such as the under eye area, the upper cheeks, and around the nose. The use of camouflage makeup can help restore the balance and give the appearance of a more normal shape to swollen areas around the eyes. Finally, camouflage makeup is also effective in hiding temporary lump and bump formations that can temporarily form after a cosmetic procedure. Camouflage makeup techniques rely on the use of various types of cosmetics (some of which you may already have), including color correctors, concealers, camouflage creams, contouring shades and highlighters, foundations, and powders.

Camouflage makeup can be very empowering for one’s healing journey because it can help you hide stubborn side effects that, if not camouflaged properly, could give away the fact that you had surgery. While for some individuals this may not be a concern, many people are rightfully protective of their secret and prefer that the whole world does not know that they had a cosmetic procedure. Regardless of which camp you fall into, the presence of these "reminders" takes away from your aesthetic appearance and the results that you’ve worked so hard to achieve. This alone may be a reason to resort to camouflage makeup. Not surprisingly, patients have continuously praised camouflage cosmetics because they enable them to go back out to the real world before their symptoms have fully faded away. Since symptoms can linger for weeks, not being able to go out in public for such a period can be a real downer. For this reason, using camouflage techniques and cosmetics after your surgery can allow you to return to daily life faster. Most importantly, including camouflage makeup in your journey can give you more confidence and lessen feelings of self-consciousness, nervousness, and anxiety when you return to the real world for the first time and face your colleagues at work, meet up with friends and family, attend social gatherings, and resume all of your other normal activities.

How Can Corrective Makeup Benefit My Everyday Makeup Routine?

Once you are fully healed and no longer have any visible side effects lingering from the procedure, camouflage cosmetics can continue to benefit your everyday makeup routine for many years to come. When used outside the scope of recovery, corrective makeup can help diminish the appearance of anything from scars, blemishes, fine lines, age spots, birthmarks, vitiligo, and pigment irregularities, to dark under-eye circles that can’t be effectively addressed with regular concealer and foundation. Moreover, camouflage makeup can be used to neutralize naturally red or yellow undertones that your skin may have and lighten up areas that look dark or form shadows on the face. Further, camouflage techniques can also change the appearance, prominence, and definition of your nose, chin, cheekbones, and jawline. As a result, you can use camouflage makeup techniques to achieve more defined cheekbones, narrow your nose, and give your face a more slender look. For these reasons, mastering camouflage makeup techniques will not only benefit your healing journey but also your long-term beauty routine.

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