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AqueCool Rapid Recovery System Testimonies

What surgeons say about AqueCool:

Malcolm Paul , MD, FACS, Newport Beach, CA

Former President of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons; Clinical Professor, UC Irvine:

"I have been using the AqueCool Rapid Recovery System since December 2005, and I have been extremely happy with the device. Patients find it very helpful and comforting, and they have said that they feel secure with the device in place.

I have noticed significantly less bruising and swelling in the neck the morning after surgery. Male patients who tend to swell after extensive neck undermining are impressively less swollen than those that merely have a mild compression garment in place or even those in whom an ice pack is placed on the lower neck.

Especially interesting are the positive comments from the nursing staff. Since the device is always circulating cold water, they do not have to empty the water and add ice to face masks."

Devinder Mangat, MD, FACS, Edgewood, KY

Former President of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons

"Without a doubt the AqueCool is a significant improvement over ice and other cooling methods. Patients receive safe and uniform cooling during their recovery that not only improves their comfort level, but also results in significantly less post-op bruising and swelling. I notice the difference and so does my staff. I highly recommend the AqueCool to all of my patients and use it as my standard of care."

Laurence Berkowitz, MD, Campbell, CA

"I have been using the AqueCool Rapid Recovery System with my patients since 2005, and I am quite impressed with the benefits that it provides both my patients and my practice.

In the past I was unable to recommend a safe and effective way for patients to use cold therapy post operatively due to the inability to effectively control the temperature and the poor conformance of the cooling pads to the face. Now, with the AqueCool system I can safely address post operative pain, edema and bruising without compromising flap viability. My patients experience significantly less pain, swelling, bruising, and down time, which fairly or unfairly is one of the most common criteria patients and potential patients utilize in evaluating my surgical expertise and the overall quality of my practice.

My patients have been overwhelmingly pleased with the Aqueduct system. They find it soothing, comfortable, and convenient, and therefore they are very compliant with the therapy � even while sleeping. They report that they feel better and have an excellent recovery, both of which reflect well on my practice.

The device is easy to use and easy to implement in the practice. My staff is very enthusiastic about the Aqueduct system as well � they see a noticeable improvement in the patients, and there are no extra logistics or work for them."

Lawrence Bass, MD, FACS, New York, NY

Director, Minimally Invasive Plastic Surgery, NYU Medical Center

�My patients really like the AqueCool Rapid Recovery System. There is a remarkable reduction in post-op swelling, bruising, and noticeable decrease in discomfort. This clearly translates into a greater overall level of patient satisfaction with the procedure.�

�My patients are very concerned with recovery time. After using the AqueCool, they had nothing but nice things to say. They loved the fact that they had little swelling and bruising and could quickly return to their busy social agendas.�

Glenn Weissman, MD, Arcadia, CA

�I've been practicing facial plastic surgery for over 26 years, and I've never come across a product that genuinely improves patient recoveries as much as the AqueCool Rapid Recovery System. Pain, swelling, and bruising are dramatically reduced, and many of my patients recover in half the time that I would expect, with very little noticeable bruising or swelling.

My patients report that the AqueCool is soothing and convenient, and they feel it is well worth the money. I highly recommend this product to all of my patients undergoing facelift and necklift surgery, as it seems to increase patient satisfaction with the entire procedure.�

Richard Biggerstaff, MD, Indianapolis, IN

"I've been using the AqueCool consistently for a year now and am really impressed by the benefits it brings to patients. The science behind cooling is well established; the AqueCool is the first system that makes it easy and comfortable for patients. My patients really like the AqueCool and I am convinced it is better both for the patient and my practice. This product has changed my philosophy on the effects and benefits of cooling after surgery on the face.�

Ikonija Connie S. Joy, MD, FACS, Long Beach, CA

�I would highly recommend the AqueCool Rapid Recovery System for all patients undergoing head and neck cosmetic surgery. I have personally witnessed the benefits it brings to patients recovering from cosmetic procedures. In my practice, we�ve tried everything to help with post-operative swelling and bruising, including herbal remedies such as Arnica, cold compresses, ice packs, and bags of frozen vegetables. Nothing has worked as well as the AqueCool. The continuous controlled cooling makes an incredible difference in the patient�s recovery process, reducing swelling, bruising, and discomfort. It�s much better than anything I�ve seen.� �We have tried Arnica treatments, starting months before the procedure and continuing after the procedure. The improvement is considerably less noticeable and less consistent than with the AqueCool system.� �Additionally, the AqueCool Masques provide features that allow patients to comfortably and quickly get back to their lifestyles without the debilitating downtime typically associated with cosmetic surgery. Before this product, a recovery period could be quite devastating, as patients were not able to read, watch T.V. or use a computer for several days after the procedure. Having undergone eyelid surgery myself, I know that the inability to read or use a computer in the post-op period is a real detriment. The AqueCool Masques are �hands-free� and have actively cooled eyelid flaps that are removable, allowing patients to get the therapy they need and maintain their ability to use their eyes, which they were previously not able. This would have been a great boon to me in my immediate post-op period. I am quite pleased that my patients now have the opportunity to benefit from the AqueCool. This product is a real breakthrough for recovery from plastic surgery.�

Sydney Coleman, MD, New York, NY

�The AqueCool from Aqueduct Medical is perhaps the easiest and most effective system for addressing post-op edema and discomfort. It�s my standard of care.�