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Corrective & Camouflage Creams

How Can Corrective & Camouflage Creams Benefit My Healing Journey?

Thicker in consistency and less transparent than normal concealers and foundations, corrective and camouflage cream can be used for camouflaging dark bruising discolorations that span from black, purple, and blue to medium-dark green. Moreover, camouflage cream is good for disguising fresh to early-stage scars that are visibly red. Further, some women may temporarily develop lumps and bumps after their facelift, which can be concealed with camouflage cream as well.

How Can Corrective & Camouflage Creams Benefit My Everyday Makeup Routine?

Once you are fully recovered and you no longer have any post-op problem areas to disguise, camouflage cream can be used as part of your everyday beauty routine to cover anything from scars, age spots, birthmarks, vitiligo, and pigment irregularities, to very dark under eye circles that can’t be addressed with regular concealer and foundation. Because corrective creams can last up to 8 hours, they can be used as a foundation.