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Bed Comfort Accessories (Mattress Pads)

Bed Comfort Accessories

How Can Bed Comfort Accessories Benefit My Healing Journey?

The Bed Comfort Accessories area of the Store features a wide variety of foam mattress pads and mattress toppers (that come in different sizes for all bed types, including full, queen, king, and hospital bed sizes) that can maximize your comfort and help you avoid muscle tension and aches during the healing journey and in your everyday sleeping experience. A foam mattress pad/topper provides you a superior sleeping surface by creating an extra layer of comfort and softness to your bed. Due to the need to rest and sleep (often in an elevated position) during the initial phase of recovery, having to remain in the same position for long periods of time causes patients to experience all kinds of muscle tension and aches in areas such as the neck, shoulders, back, arms, buttocks, knees, and legs. This leads to patients having difficulties resting and sleeping properly during the recovery and is a cause for frustration. With the foam mattress pad/topper, you can reduce the degree of discomfort that you will experience and enhance your comfort. A foam mattress topper can also help preserve and extend the life of your mattress by keeping off food, skin oils, and other liquids that can stain and cause your mattress to deteriorate in its quality.

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