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Alex Orthopedic (45)
Annette (1)
Auriderm (2)
Avana (1)
BedLounge (1)
Biodermis/Epi-Derm (2)
Boiron (1)
Bring It Up (1)
ClearPoint Medical (1)
Contemporary Design (4)
Contour Living (11)
CosMedPillow (1)
Isavela (5)
Jobri (5)
Life Extension (2)
MakeMeHeal (2)
Makemeheal.com (2)
Marena (6)
Rainey Compression Wear (4)
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Face Lift (Rhytidectomy) & Neck Lift

Helping You Put Your Best Face Forward

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What Healing Products Might I Need For My Face Lift & Neck Lift?

Special Offer ($10 Value): Free 1-month subscription to the Make Me Heal-created Online Facelift Recovery & Preparation Guide (500 Pages) with store purchase of $35 (Email customercare@makemeheal.com with your order number to get courtesy subscription).

The Face Lift Recovery & Preparation Store is devoted to a wide category of face lift products that women and men may use before and after their procedures to enhance their comfort during the healing journey, treat their symptoms, and speed up their recovery. Our Store is packed with lots of hearty face lift (rhytidectomy) information to help you have the best and happiest face lift recovery. The Facelift Store features products that can be used by patients having any type of face lift (mid, lower), mini face lift, non surgical face lift, weekend face lift, as well as for patients having a neck lift.

Cold & Hot Therapy
Reduce Post-Op Swelling & Bruising, Soothe Traumatized Skin

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Cool off in the Cold & Warm Therapy department of the Store where you may find a wide variety of specialized product solutions for treating post-operative swelling and bruising. The department includes specialized cold and hot facial compresses, and face and eye masks that can effectively provide both cold and hot therapy to swollen and bruised facial and/or neck areas. As the surgery causes post-operative swelling and bruising to take shape, cold and hot therapy is needed to help reduce these symptoms. Cold therapy is very effective for reducing swelling, relieving sensations of pain, and accelerating the healing process. Hot therapy helps break down and disintegrate bruising discolorations and provides moisture or dry heat to areas of discomfort. Hot therapy can also be soothing on sore facial and/or neck tissues that have been tightened or cut.


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Support & Compression Garments

Minimize Swelling, Help Skin Fit Better To New Shape, Speed Up Healing, Improve Circulation, Flush Out Harmful Fluids

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Travel to the Support & Compression Garments floor of the Store, where you can try out a wide variety of well-fitting, high-quality, and comfortable garments for a face lift and/or neck lift. The garments are made for both women and men. Following a face lift and/or neck lift, your doctor may ask you to wear a support garment. Wearing a garment after a face lift (and/or neck lift) can improve blood circulation, minimize swelling after the procedure, accelerate the healing process, and allow the patient to return to daily routines sooner. A compression garment also provides support to surgical areas for more comfort and helps the skin fit better to its new contours. Depending on your doctor, you may need to wear your compression garment immediately after surgery and continuously for several days (or longer depending on the doctor¹s instructions) and then non-continuously for the initial few weeks of post-op.

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Important Healthy Tip: Learn why wearing a non-medical garment from a local store can be bad for healing.   

Ear Pillow

Enjoy Side Sleeping While Your Ears Are Still Sore

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An ear pillow enables a patient who has had surgical incisions done in the ears area (due to a face lift or neck lift) to sleep on her/his side without experiencing discomfort in the healing ear. The ear pillow raises the ear from the bed and allows the ear to essentially “float” and not have any pressure or friction from the mattress or pillow. The hole in the middle of the pillow allows the ear to fit inside with ease and enables you to sleep on your side even if your ears may still be sore due to surgery. Patients often experience ear soreness and pain when trying to sleep or rest on their side due to the fact that incisions were made in front and behind the ears. Ear soreness and pain may continue for weeks, 1 month, or longer. As a result, patients are not able to sleep on their side and need to continue sleeping on their backs until ear issues are no longer present. Ear soreness is frustrating to anyone for whom sleeping on one’s back is not the way she/he naturally sleeps. For this reason, the ear pillow can be a real godsend and save a patient from sleepless nights by enabling them to sleep soundly on their side and not worry about their achy ears.

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Elevation & Wedge Pillows

Keep Swelling Down, Lower Stress On Body, Promote Optimal Circulation To Healing Areas

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Transform your resting area into the perfect recovery nest by visiting the Recovery & Comfort Pillows floor of the Store, where you can find elevation and wedge pillows that are specially designed with an incline to provide proper alignment and to keep your affected swollen facial areas comfortably elevated in a 45 degree angle that helps reduce swelling. Elevation enables optimal blood circulation to all the vital healing areas. Many patients find bed wedges to be a superior and more comfortable elevation solution compared to putting oneself above pillows on a bed. The advantages of wedges compared to pillows are that they are sturdy, you do not have to worry about slipping off as you would with pillows, you have far less tension and stress on your body, and you do not have to periodically rearrange the wedge as you would with pillows that shift around and fall.

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Facelift Recovery & Preparation Guide (w/Neck Lift)

The Informed Patient's Guide For Preparation, Recovery, And Healing
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Special Offer ($10 Value): Free 1-month subscription to the Make Me Heal-created Online Facelift Recovery & Preparation Guide (500 Pages) with purchase of $35 (Email customercare@makemeheal.com with your order number to getcourtesy subscription).

The Facelift Recovery & Preparation Guide (called "Facelift World") informs and gives you answers and solutions to all the issues (symptoms, complications, risks), concerns, problems, and questions that can arise before and after your procedure. Told from a patient’s point of view, the Facelift (w/ Neck Lift) Recovery & Preparation Guide also equips you with all the healing solutions, insider tips, and product recommendations that are most helpful to patients. The facelift guide also educates you about everything that you need to know about, do, or change in every area of your life from the moment you are preparing for your procedure until full healing is achieved (which can take months to resolve). The Facelift (w/Neck Lift) World also includes all the preparation and recovery information needed by a patient only having a neck lift. This guide is relevant for all face lift procedure types, from mid face lift, mini face lift, and endoscopic face lift, to lower face lift, SMAS face lift, and other face lift types. The Facelift (w/Neck Lift) world is a product of an ongoing research effort that has never been done before in the plastic surgery industry involving many sources including the analysis of thousands upon thousands of facelift patient experiences.

Healing Vitamins, Supplements & Homeopathic Remedies

Accelerate Healing, Minimize Swelling & Bruising, Support Wound Healing

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Take the natural path to healing in the Healing Vitamins, Supplements & Homeopathic Remedies aisle of the Store, where you can find healing supplements and homeopathic remedies (arnica montana, bromelain) products that can accelerate healing, shorten recovery time, minimize post-operative swelling and bruising, support wound healing and improve scar appearance, help you have less pain and discomfort, promote repair and growth of tissues damaged by surgery, and protect the body from infection by enhancing the immune system defenses.

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Scar Healing & Appearance Improvement

Limit Post-Op Scarring, Flatten, Soften & Smoothen Scar, Lessen Scar Size & Thickness, Reduce Redness & Itching

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Minimize the appearance of your scars by biking to the Scar Healing & Apperance Improvement floor of the Store, where you can find scar healing creams, silicone gels and ointments, and silicone sheets that are specially designed to improve the healing of your scars and help in scar reduction. These scar reduction products can help flatten, soften and smoothen the scar, limit scar growth and size, and reduce scar thickness. These scar treatments can also lessen redness surrounding the scar, reduce the discomfort of itching that can occur along the scar lines, and help maintain the skin’s moisture balance and elasticity of adjacent skin. Scar healing products can be effective and have benefits for months following a cosmetic procedure.

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Comfort Pillows

Maximize Comfort While Resting, Avoid Muscle Tension & Body Aches

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To help you rest and heal in style, the Recovery & Comfort Pillowsaisle features a wide variety of pillows that can maximize your comfort and help you avoid muscle tension and aches during the healing journey. Due to the need to rest and sleep (often in an elevated position) during the initial phase of recovery, having to remain in the same position for long periods of time causes patients to experience all kinds of muscle tension and aches in areas such as the neck, shoulders, back, arms, buttocks, knees, and legs. This leads to patients having difficulties resting and sleeping properly during the recovery and is a cause for frustration. Fortunately, there are some special comfort pillows that are specifically designed to reduce tension and discomfort when resting and to help you have the pain-free rest that is crucial to healing. These products include anything from a u-shaped pillow, ear pillow, and leg separator, to knee and leg wedges and lifts.

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Skin & Sun Protection Hats

Protect Skin, Incisions/Sutures From Sun, Hide Scars, Prevent Aging & Wrinkles

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Get some protection at the Skin & Sun Protection Hats area of the Store where you can find a wide array of stylish, sophisticated yet medical sun block/protection hats that block 90-99% of the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays and can be used both following surgery to protect your skin and scar lines as well as part of your daily anti-aging routine to help you prevent wrinkles, aging, and other damaged caused by the sun. Recommended and endorsed by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and aestheticians, these hats come in a variety of brim sizes, exciting colors, and exotic designs. The hats are ideal for post-surgery patients wishing to protect their investments by using the hat to hide suture and fresh scar lines and post-operative bruising following a facial cosmetic procedure (i.e. facelift, eyelid surgery/blepharoplaty, etc.). Protecting yourself from the sun is crucial, as sun exposure can prolong the period your scar remains red and may cause scars to hyperpigment and darken. Additionally, this hat is highly effective for protecting the sensitive skin of patients who have undergone procedures such as a chemical peel or laser skin resurfacing.

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Corrective & Camouflage Makeup

Hide Bruises Of All Colors, Camouflage Fresh & Mature Scars, Redness, Swelling Distortions, Lumps & Bumps

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Powder your nose in the Corrective & Camouflage Makeup area, where you can find great, tried-and-tested, and well-known brands of corrective and camouflage makeup (concealers, corrective & camouflage cream, foundation, powders, and makeup removers) that can be used to hide certain symptoms (bruising discolorations, swelling, scar lines, and lumps & bumps) that continue to remain on the face and neck after you have to return to the outside world.

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Bath Safety Accessories

Shower Comfortably, Effortlessly & Safely Without Risk Of Slipping Or Falling

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Shampoo your way to the Bath Safety Accessories aisle where you can find accessories that can help you make your shower or bath “healing-proof”. Accessories such as a non-slip shower mat, bath/shower bench or chair, and handheld showerhead can help minimize the risk of slipping or falling down in the shower/bath during the early phase of recovery when you may be feeling low on energy, tired, and drowsy from the trauma of the surgery, anesthesia, and pain medications that you may be taking. Instead of standing and endangering your safety, having a seat in the shower and placing a non-slippery mat in the shower are tried-and-tested tips that veterans recommend to practice until your energy level is restored to normal. Beyond safety, these accessories can make your showering experience easier and help you prevent making healing-unfriendly movements that may worsen symptoms such as swelling and bruising.

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