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2.2 oz (2) 4 piece kit (1)
MakeMeHeal (4)
Makemeheal.com (1)
Optimal-Outcome (2)
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Healing Vitamins & Supplements

How Can Healing Vitamins & Supplements Benefit My Healing Journey?

The healing vitamins and supplements featured in this area of the Store have been designed specifically to help accelerate healing and obtain better cosmetic results following plastic surgery (as well as general surgeries) by providing all the healing supplements, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids that have been shown to be crucial for preparing the body for surgery and for helping one have a faster recovery. Both before and after cosmetic surgery (as well as any general surgery), it is important to build your nutrient reserves with essential vitamins, minerals, and related supplements, as this will enable you to have better cosmetic results by allowing your body to repair itself faster, promote better wound healing, limit scarring, and reduce the risk of infection. Surgery is a stressful event that creates many demands on the body. Healing requires that the body create new tissue and blood vessels, repair injured tissue and step up the production of cells that repair wounds. These complex activities cannot occur efficiently if your diet is short on essential nutrients. Having an inadequate supply of nutrients before and after surgery has been associated with slower post-surgery healing, increased complications, higher risk of infection, prolonged swelling, slower wound healing, excessive scarring, and unstable collagen formation that is necessary for repairing and building tissue damaged by surgery. For this reason, these vitamins and supplements can help in providing the optimal supply of nutrients that are crucial for healing.