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ArganLife Argan Oil


What Is ArganLife Argan Oil?

Hair care is important, and for those suffering from dry or frizzy hair, ArganLife Argan oil is essential. Argan oil is made up of natural ingredients and is used by many for treating damaged hair. Argan oil can be used in calming frizzy hair, adding moisture to dry hair and adding a little shine. Argan Oil has many health benefits, protecting hair from nature’s hazards and offering environmental protection. It is gentle enough to be used by all ages and hair types. Makemeheal carries ArganLife Argan oil in shampoos, conditioners and organic oil. Use Argan oil before or after you shower and apply it from the root of the hair to the tip using a brush to help distribute the oil evenly.

There are many benefits of using Argan Life which includes:

  • Protection from daily chemicals, smoke, dryness, and impact of weather

  • Softer, sleek, shinier hair that will hold up against future styling damages

  • Improving color treated hair to increase color longevity and lessen brittleness

  • Reviving damaged hair

  • Strengthening of hair due to the natural antioxidants in Argan oil

  • Protection against split ends and reduces breakage

ArganLife oil have many uses aside from hair care, such as in massages, and helps minimize and prevent scarring, soothes and relax Psoriasis, and promotes healing especially with burns. Argan oils are rich in Vitamin E and have a natural detoxifying antioxidant that encourages cell renewal, and protects against skin cancer and aging skin.

At Makemeheal, you can find some of the most popular brands of Argan oil from RuskDermOrganicAgadirMacadamia Natural OilMatrix, and Tigi.