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Graham Webb

Graham Webb, Hair Care

Graham Webb, Hair Care Products

All Graham Webb products contain an active ingredient called Thermacore Complex, which turns hot water, blow dryers and styling tools into beneficial, conditioning treatments. When the heat from water or styling tools reaches 98 F or above, Thermacore Complex crystals break down into molecular particles small enough to penetrate into the hair shaft. By working from within the hair shaft, Thermacore Complex obtains the optimum level of benefits, without any build-up or coating on the hair. These penetrating crystals help give hair condition, moisture and protection, yet still allow hair to remain full of volume, bounce, and body.

History of Graham Webb Hair Care

The worldwide success that Graham Webb International experiences today is steeped in a rich educational history. Throughout the last three decades, Graham Webb has been synonymous with superior quality and educated, trendsetting artists.

The foundation of this success began when Graham Webb opened his first salon in London in 1969. It soon became apparent that the success and longevity of his stylists' careers were due in part to the ongoing education he provided. Word spread, and the demand for Webb's education led to the opening of the first Graham Webb Academy in London in 1981.

Webb established himself as a truly international force in the industry with the 1987 opening of the second academy in Washington, D.C. Again, success was guided by the ideal of quality education built on classic principles.

The next several years saw explosive growth for Graham Webb International with the launch of Graham Webb Classic, the world's first hair care line with heat-activated conditioning technology. In addition, two more American academy locations in St. Paul and San Diego were opened.

Today, Graham Webb International encompasses four international academy locations, eleven United Kingdom salons and a broad array of hair care, body care and cosmetics. Throughout this unparalleled growth, education for the hairdresser has remained the focus. Graham Webb International is committed to providing you with the skills, knowledge and tools that will help you unlock your potential and realize your own success.