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Hair by Revitalash is a unique hair conditioner that fortifies and strengthens the hair so it appears thicker, fuller and healthier. Packed with conditioning agents like Ginko Biloba, Ginseng Root, Japonica, Fruit Extracts and wheat proteins, Hair by Revitalash is revitalizing and easy to use. Pump once and massage into areas where you want the hair to appear thicker and fuller.

Key Benefits

The following are some of the main additional benefits of using Hair by Revitalash:

  • Lasts approximately 3 months
  • Liquid that turns into foam
  • No scent
  • No residue
  • Water based
  • Test subjects felt a difference in their hair in TWO WEEKS!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply Hair by Revitalash and wash my hair an hour later?

No. For Hair by Revitalash to work best, you should allow in to stay on your hair for about twelve hours before washing.

Can I use Hair by Revitalash more than once a day? Will it work better or faster?

No. Hair by Revitalash will not work faster or better if used more than once a day. More frequent use or larger applications have not been shown to speed up or enhance the hair conditioning process.

Can I use hair sprays, mousses, conditioners, gels, etc?

Yes. Hairspray, spritz or styling aids may be used on your hair while using Hair by Revitalash. For best results, Hair by Revitalash should be allowed to soak into your hair for three minutes before using any styling products. The appropriate application sequence is to apply Hair by Revitalash first, then apply styling products and style as usual. Keep in mind that your best results will occur with proper application.

Can I use a blow dryer, straightening device, or other heating tools while using Hair by Revitalash?

Yes. Heated styling aids have not been shown to interfere with the Hair conditioning effect of Hair by Revitalash.

Can I have my hair colored or permed or use hair relaxers while using Hair by Revitalash?

Yes. We have no evidence that coloring, perming, or relaxing your hair changes the hair conditioning effect of Hair by Revitalash. However, because the use of permanent wave and hair color can cause scalp irritation on certain people, we recommend the following precautions:

  • Wait at least 12 hours after using Hair by Revitalash before applying chemicals for hair coloring, perms or relaxing.
  • Wait 24 hours after using any chemicals before resuming use of Hair by Revitalash to make sure your scalp has not been irritated by the chemical treatment. If no irritation was caused by the chemicals, continue use of Hair by Revitalash as usual.
  • Simply restart your normal Hair by Revitalash routine. Do not use more Hair by Revitalash to compensate for your missed applications.