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Best Sellers

Our Best Sellers area features products that are most frequently bought by our customers. Some of the popular product categories that frequently contribute to this section are compression garments, breast surgery bras, plastic surgery binders, memory foam wedge pillows, scar reduction creams, and other plastic surgery recovery products. All are made from the highest quality of materials and include brand names such as Jodee, Marena, Rainey, Design Veronique, Arnica Montana and more. Our best sellers area is designed to help consumers find the products that they are most likely to need in a matter of seconds. You can also look at other tabs to see some of the popular categories that customers are usually interested in. 

Breast Implants

We offer breast surgery support bras, adjustable cotton plastic surgery sports bras, cold and hot breast compresses, and other products to make your recovery easier, as well as improve your surgical results following a breast implants surgery. Plastic surgeons often recommend to use our products to reduce bruising, shorten the recovery period after breast augmentation and/or breast lift, and achieve more natural looking breasts with minimal scarring.

In our online store you can find the products that will best suit your needs. Our large collection of support bras includes brands like Rainey, Design Veronique,  Marena and others. We also offer scar creams, vitamins & supplements, wedge pillows which all contribute to a speedy recovery. Our prices are very competitive and also include reviews from actual consumers who have purchased our products and wanted to share their experience.


In our liposuction section you will find recovery products, including compression garments, cosmetic surgery compression sleeves, scar reduction silicone strips, and other solutions that will help make your recovery from liposuction surgery as fast and easy as possible. Some vitamins and supplements are recommended to be taken prior to liposuction surgery as well as post-procedure, in order to minimize bruising and swelling. 

Specialized post-liposuction products such as the ones featured in our store are used during the healing phase following a liposuction procedure to provide support to areas of the body that were effected by the surgery. You can also find out more about our Wellbox lipomassage device which is used for fat reduction. Read through our large collection of Make Me Heal member reviews before you decide on which products you would like to purchase.

Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgical intervention that targets women and men fatty tissues and loose skin in the abdomen area. The procedure, when done correctly, can significantly improve the appearance of the patient's abs and handle aesthetic concerns that cannot be corrected with a liposuction procedure. 

Tummy Tuck (the medical name is Abdominoplasty) patients are often recommended by their plastic surgeon to wear compression garments as well as use various vitamins and healing supplements in order to diminish swelling after surgery, improve blood circulation, stimulate tissue repair and the healing of wounds. Our online shop offers high quality abdominal binders, mid body compression garments, scar reduction sheets , silicone strips, scar reduction gels and other post operative products to make your recovery process easier.


Facelift is a popular choice among women and men in the ages of 40 and higher who wish to restore youth and reverse the clock in one comprehensive procedure. Recovery usually requires downtime at home and our products were designed to minimize that period while enhancing surgical results.

Our website offers specialized products to speed up facelift recovery, improve the blood circulation in the post-surgical areas and accelerate the healing process to help you recover as fast as possible. Our facial surgery compression garments prevent possible bruising and swelling in the facial area that can take place following a facelift, neck lift, liposuction (face, chin, and neck areas), and other plastic surgeries. Make sure that you browse through the products above and read reviews from people who have actually used these products to quicken facelift recovery.


If you are considering having a plastic surgery on any of your body areas, our area for men offers you specialized  recovery products, including abdominal plastic surgery binders, male cosmetic surgery compression vests, men's compression abdominal slimming tanks, and many other useful products. Each recovery product can greatly reduce swelling, bruising, inflammation and minimize pain. The products were chosen by our editors and represent some of the best offerings to support male plastic surgery.

Our large variety of male compression garments, vests and binders, as well as scar reduction creams, vitamin kits and wedge pillows can help you get the best results during the recovery process following a plastic surgery. Special products provide effective solutions to tummy tuck, liposuction, and gynecomastia (male breast reduction).